Thursday, March 14, 2013

In Which Nephi tries to Trick the Tooth Fairy

In a brotherly race to be the first one to lose a tooth, Nephi had a tooth die last summer, and much to his older brother's dismay, got it pulled.  He got all sorts of attention with his new spacer, not to mention the visit from the tooth fairy.
THEN about 2 weeks ago, Sam's front tooth started getting loose.  We were all thrilled... except Nephi, who was feeling like this thunder was being stolen.  Then all of the sudden, Sam's tooth got "unloose".  He was really upset about it, and come to me.  I looked in his mouth and noticed he had a HUGE tooth coming in behind.  I suggested I pull out his tooth.  He was all for it... sucker!  He didn't even flinch as I tied a piece of floss around the tooth, pushed it down around the back and under the gums with my handy-dandy dental pick that looks like a vicious weapon.

I barely yanked it and his tooth literally flew across the room.  He didn't even feel it.  Bummer.  I was looking forward to the drama!  What's up with that?!  He was cool-beans about his tooth flying across the room.  No fun in that for a mom.
It was exciting that night as we put the tooth under his pillow.  He just could NOT wait for the tooth fairy to come and give him some cash (going rate for us is $2 -- I got a dollar as a kid and that was 25 years ago... I figured in inflation).  Nephi watch on with a nasty crusty look on his face.  He was not happy about Sam getting the attention AND the money.

But after a few days, the excitement died down and things got back to normal.

Then the boys went in to get their teeth cleaned (No cavities!  Woot Woot!), and the dentist said that Sam's new tooth was so BIG that he was going to have to pull the two teeth on either side of it.  So poor little Sam got two teeth pulled and they still had their long roots.
The dentist put them in a little green box, and emotions were high as we put the box under Sam's pillow.  Last night, I was really impressed with how Nephi was handling the whole thing.  He was being such a sport and support for Sam.  He even showed Sam the best place under the pillow to put the box.

Then about midnight, just as I was trying to get myself into bed and prep to make the Tooth Fairy switch, I heard a scream.  Sam came running out SOBBING.  His teeth were gone and the Tooth Fairy left no money.  He was devastated!!!  I was all "what the heck..."  I went in their room and we looked under the bed, in all his toys that were around the bed, in his blankets, in his pillow case... no teeth.  Where could they have gone?  I told Sam that we would write the Tooth Fairy a letter and explain what happened.  We did and the Tooth Fairy came anyway, leaving a note for Sam with some money and a promise to come back tomorrow to get the teeth.

Sam was THRILLED!  Nephi was ticked.  He was all looking around all suspicious like.  And I wondered... no, he wouldn't do that.... would he?

After I dropped the kids off, I went into their room and guess where I found the missing teeth?  Yep, you got it!  Under Nephi's bed under the corner of his pillow.

Nice try little man.  Nice try.  There is no snookering the Tooth Fairy!  Or Santa... or the Easter Bunny. The little turd.  Smart... but naughty.  (My evil side wants to laugh though... I KNOW he gets his sneakiness from me!  I would have totally done that as a kid!!! -- but don't tell him that!)


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