Monday, March 18, 2013

How to Build Self-Confidence in Your Kids

Raising a child with good self-esteem will give them the confidence to be social in both relationships as friends and their connections to others in their lives. This will help them get ahead in life without second-guessing their decisions, leading to a more balanced end result of what they do. You can help your kids become more certain in their abilities by following these guidelines:

  • Have faith in your child and let them know it. Your opinion is far more important to them than you think.

  • Give positive feedback – a few good words can go a long way in motivating them. Reassuring them that mistakes are part of life is a good way to let them know that sometimes it is impossible not to make them.

  • Listen to your children attentively and make sure you understand their worries. Address those worries and do your best to encourage them to never give up.

  • Recognize and acknowledge their emotions while also letting them express what annoys them.

  • Criticize a line of behavior, but not the child itself. It is easy to slip down the slope toward verbal criticism. You need to remember your child only makes mistakes and acts in such a manner because of inexperience and youth.

  • Have some respect for the interests of your child, even if they are something you don't find too amazing. Your opinions matter to them a lot more than you think.

  • Accept the fears, insecurity and weaknesses your child express. Nobody is perfect and that is the reason why we can help them with whatever they are struggling with instead of heckling them about it.

  • Encourage their independence – make sure they have the chance to try out new things without being too obsessed with their safety. Growing up means making mistakes, learning from them and moving on. Learn to look at things in a lighter tone, laughing at mistakes but not at your children.

  • Help your children focus on what they are best at and address their weaknesses with constructive criticism. Make sure you don't treat them maliciously by commenting on their mistakes with offensive sarcasm.

  • Keep your opinions to yourself when it comes to their shortcomings. The last thing a child wants to overhear is you commenting on what they did wrong in a derogatory tone.

  • The way you treat yourself also has huge influence on your child's self-esteem. They can emulate adults around them. If you are someone who can't keep calm in times of crisis, this will have a negative effect on your child as well.

  • Whatever you do make sure you avoid insults, cruel remarks, ridiculing their feelings, teasing, being offensively sarcastic, nagging, swearing and shouting at them. These have really done nothing to improve any relationship, regardless of it being friends, lovers of family.

A Guest Post by Angela Harpert
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Kimbra said...

I found your site via one of the online blogging sites I am on. I personally LOVE this post, especially since although I am a bit of a nutty mom, I fully believe that a child's self confidence is extremely important. I look forward to reading more awesome posts!