Saturday, March 23, 2013

Finding Alternatives to Military Tuition Assistance

A Guest Post

Though Congress voted 318-109 on Thursday to restore the military’s Tuition Assistance (TA) program – originally dropped in the March 1 sequestration-related budget cuts – programs might not be restored to their current levels ($250/credit hour; $4,500/year) and could still be placed in jeopardy in upcoming fiscal years.

The Tuition Assistance program has been a financial lifeline for members of the military eager to jumpstart their college education while still on active duty, and many felt betrayed when the Army, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard initially cut the program. TA is not only critical in assisting service men and women to re-enter the civilian workforce or advance in their military careers, but is also a significant tool in recruiting and retaining an all-volunteer force.

No one should have to choose between serving their country and getting an education, especially in an increasingly competitive labor market where higher education can be essential.

Though the TA benefits look safe – for now – our men and women in uniform should plan for the future and be aware of alternative funding options in the potential absence of Tuition Assistance:

This article was written by Mollie Wilner on behalf of SET Financial Corporation.

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