Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Be a Little Crazy! Challenge Yourself!

I am so excited I can hardly sit still today!

No, there isn't any major events going on in my life, just me taking steps to kick my own butt!  It always makes me feel good to challenge myself and even MORE fantastic when I can met the challenge and make my goals!

Since I have several new followers this year, I want to give a quick background:

As most of you know, I have been battling obesity most of my life, and ALL of my adult life.  Because of certain health factors it is really hard for me to lose to weight and to get in shape.  When I get pregnant I blow up like a whale without even trying (now that's talent!).

Some of you may remember me when I looked like this:

 Those were after I had Nephi and at my heaviest (not even pictured) I was a few pounds short of 300.  Then when Ben went to Basic Training, I got really serious.  (Well, I was serious before when I tried, but this time I really prayed to discover what was up with my body and why I couldn't lose weight!)  I found out more about myself then ever before on this journey I took myself on.  I realized that not only could I be strong without Ben, but that I could things for myself with sacrifice, hard work, and determination!

I lost just short of 100 pounds while Ben was gone:

  Then Ben came home and we decided to have another baby.  I thought that I could keep the weight down, but no matter what I did, it just packed right back on!!  I gained about 1/2 the weight back.  It was really depressing!

But now that I knew I could do it, I knew I could do it again!!  It was a little harder with 3 kids in tow than just two, but I worked really hard and I got it off AGAIN.  Three cheers for take two!
I am actually 5 pounds less that picture there.  But I don't want to post another one until I hit 190.  But I tell you this winter has been a real pain on trying to keep those pounds off, and I can't seem to get out of a certain area.

But here is a picture I took of me a couple days ago:
I was showing off my scarf for my crochet blog
Stuck in weight loss limbo is the worst!

So I decided that I need to up my game!

For 3 years now, since I started running, I have REALLY wanted to run a half marathon.  But something always seemed to come up to give me an excuse not to.  Well, this is my last summer in Utah, and gosh dang-it I am determined to run the Top of the Utah Half Marathon.  So for a while now I have waited for the race to open up so I could sign up.  The day it did, I was paying my fee!  Then I panicked after!!!  What am I thinking!?  I am still a 195 pound woman!!  How the heck am I going to run 13.1 miles!!?

Well, I knew I had until August to get in shape.  I mentioned this in one of my last posts, but I made myself a 24 week workout plan.  So far I am on week 4 and totally rocking it!  I am really starting to feel like I am going to be able to do it!!

This week I accomplished 2 goals that I had!  First, I ran 3 miles in 35 minutes!  Huge step for me.  The first time this year I ran that far it took me, no joke, 48 minutes.  The second one I accomplished last night:  I ran my very first EVER 10 minute mile!!!
I even got a sweaty picture to prove it!

I challenged myself and I have unlocked hidden potential I never knew I had!  I don't compete with anyone but myself, and my successes are mine!  I cry with joy when I think back to how I used to be and then look in the mirror and see the person I have become... it is a miracle to me!

Am I done?  No way!  I have been making more goals to reach!!  But I am certainly well on my way to be prepared for the Half Marathon!  I even signed up for a super fun 5K that is going on here in Cache County in May -- it's a fun group race that involves paint... looks super fun!  I am trying to suck some of my friends in.... I would love to have a large group!  (If any of you are in the area and wanna join us, let me know!)

Anyway, I leave you all with a challenge.  Whether it is a fitness challenge or something else entirely don't be afraid to try something new that will push you!  We only live once!  Don't you dare live a life full of regrets.  Just do it!  If I can, so can you!


PS: I will be posting the info for our annual Summer Fitness Mile Challenge in the next few weeks, I would love for you to think about joining us!


Kayli Sue said...

What a transformation! Congratulations on all your hard work. Truly inspiring!

Terra said...

You are beautiful Cat!!! Thank you for the inspiration!

Jennifer Davis said...

Awesome! Congrats on your hard work. I too set a goal to run a half by the end of the year. Good luck!

Jordan said...

Well done! You have achieved so much and it's very inspiring to me. I've been on a plateau (my own fault) since November and I'm hoping that I am finally breaking through it. Good luck with the half marathon! I plan on joining in on the Summer Fitness Mile Challenge.

Loan Pham Minh said...

Great mum! like your blog.friv