Monday, March 11, 2013

A Birthday Party, a Trip to the ER, and a Break from Facebook

I wish I could say I threw one heck of a party and someone ended up in the ER because of it, but sadly, I am not that exciting.  It would make a better story though.

The reality is, that it was Jake's Birthday this last week:
I was super pumped for it because usually we don't have the funds to go all out on a party.  But this year, Shindigz Party Supplies sent me a gift certificate to try out some of their stuff.  The prices were so reasonable  that I got to LOAD up on stuff, not just for Jake's Thomas the Tank Engine party, but for Nephi's Star War's one coming in June.  The stuff came super fast and was so well made that I can keep most of it for future parties!

(Shindidz has a 20% military discount AND they will personalize your items if you would like.)

Jake was so thrilled when he woke up on his birthday to come out to Thomas Land:

 The idea of a birthday chair was a hit!
The boys have ALWAYS wanted cone hats.  So they were pretty thrilled about them:

We mostly just had a family party.  Jake got special birthday treatment all day, and I made train cookies.  (Jake won't eat cake) It took me forever to find a train cookie cutter, and I was totally pumped to use it, then I had one of these experiences:
I don't know were this was originally published, since it is all over the internet.
Except with the train cookie.  Then I tried to make it look better with frosting and it ended up just looking like a rectangle cookie.  Oh, well.  Still tasted good!

I think Jake's birthday was fun and a success!

Did I tell you that the boys had a 5 day weekend?  Let me show you in a couple pictures what this weekend was like:
Goofy Boys
Armed Children
Yes, those are a new busted bag of cheerio's... all over the place!!
And a trip to the ER:

The boys were pushing Jake around the house in a laundry basket.  One of their favorite games... but then it started to get really rowdy and they took a corner too fast, Jake flew out, and hit his head on a door hinge. Poor little guy busted his head open and had to have 4 stitches.

I had been priding myself in the fact that in almost 8 years of having boys, we have never done stitches or broken bones... should have knocked on wood.  Bummer.

It has been quite a week and for once I am glad that it is Monday and life can go back to normal.  Well, as normal as it gets!


Also, on a quick note, I am taking a break from Facebook for a while.  I will try to post more updates on here, and if anyone needs me, you can email me: nutsinanutshell(at)gmail(dot)com


Heidi said...

Oh poor little Jake! I'm sorry! It's horrible to have to sit there and hold your little guy down when they are stitching him up. Had to do that with Benjamin last year when a chair fell on his little pinky. Looked like hamburger but the doc was so awesome and still sewed that little digit up and it looks awesome. Hope he heals quickly!

Morhia said...

Best wishes to the little guy! Hope he (mom) gets to feeling much better!

Anonymous said...

Aww poor thing! Hope he heals up quickly! Happy Birthday to him!