Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Me vs the Mail Carrier

My mail-carrier is officially on my "Poo-Head" list.

I have discovered a new pet peeve, along with reinforcing an old one.  Old one: incompetent people who cross my path and make life hard for me and my family.  (Hey, if you want to be a moron, be a moron, just stay away from me).  New Pet Peeve:  Mail Carriers who can't read and make ME want to go "postal"!!!!

I live in a town home community.  All of our mail boxes are lined up by the main office, which happens to be right across the street from my house.  We have lived here for almost a year and have never had a problem with getting our mail.  Our boxes are pretty small, so if we get a package, it is put in a bigger box below and we are given a special key in our own box so can get our packages out.  Inside our own boxes is a BIG label with our names and addresses, so it's real hard not to get it right.  Right?  Wrong!

About 3 weeks ago, we started to notice that we weren't getting some of our bills, and then we started getting other people's mail mixed in with our own.  Weird.  I thought maybe we got a new mailman?  Then for a few days we got no mail... then some more of other peoples.  And it wasn't like they had the same name or lived on our street either.  Everything was WAY different!  Our street name is a number, their's actually has a name.

Then I ordered Ben's and Nephi's birthday presents.

You know that feeling when you get someone the PERFECT gift?  Or you order something you CAN'T WAIT to get!?  You got this tracking code and for the next few days or week you are eyes on that tracking progress! Right?  Well, I was all eyes on this tracking!  I was supposed to get two packages yesterday.  At least that was the "estimated" arrival date.  When I checked my box they weren't there.  I thought, well, it was an "estimated" date, maybe tomorrow.  Then I got back and checked my tracker... it said "Delivered!" What the....?!

Maybe I missed seeing the key?  I don't know how I could they are attached to these freaking HUGE key chains.  I ran back out there.  Nothing.

Someone else got my packages!!!  AHHHHHHH!!!!

I was absolutely LIVID!  I had no idea that the thought that someone else was getting my stuff could ignite such a rage within me.

I ran to my computer to see if I could call the post office or email or whatever.  Did you know that they basically make it IMPOSSIBLE to contact or speak to anyone!!  I was throwing my phone at the wall and yelling Mormon swearwords at the automated voice recordings.

I pulsed for a second and thought, "Why am I acting this way!?  This isn't me!"  then I heard the annoying automated voice say once again, "Your package has been delivered!"  Then I thought "Yes it is me!!"

I cried a little in frustration.  Took my anger out on my Facebook buddies, who gave me virtual back pats and encouragement.

I thought I would feel better after a night a sleep.  Nope.  Not even a little better.

This morning, Ben and I went to the post office.  Ben MADE me wait in the car.  He knew I was fit to be tied and would probably end up throwing a public tantrum that would put my toddler to shame.

So I waited.

After about 15 minutes, he came back out and told me that he talked to them and our mail carrier was there. She swore up and down that she put our two packages in the box and put the key in our box.  Ben told them that she might have done that, but in SOMEONE ELSE'S box!  She basically blew him off saying she would make a note.  What the heck does THAT mean?! And she wasn't a new person at all!!!  She had been our delivering mail since we moved here!  No excuse.  None at all!

Since Ben didn't want to pitch a fit.  I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Plan A:  I would stalk the mailboxes from my kitchen window and wait for the mail carrier to come.  Here's my view:

Then I would run out and execute a daring, yet intimidating ambush on the unsuspecting, poor excuse for a mail carrier.  Maybe even bust a few moves to show how serious I am.

Ben totally rejected my plan.

"Sweetie," he said. "You're going to get yourself maced and arrested. You can't threaten a government employee in ANY WAY."

Party pooper.

So Plan B was born:  I wrote a note and taped it right inside the box.  I know that it is against the mail box rules to obstruct the mail slot, but I did it in such a way that it can easily be seen, but taken off just as easily.  It said:  "This is the LANG mailbox."  Then I put our address.  "I am NOT seeing any keys... do you?"

I thought it short, to the point, and not SUPER rude.  But HELLO!!! She needs to know where the freak our box is!  If she reads between the lines it says: "Make a note of THIS! And I better get my packages back or someone is going to get it!"  I don't know what "IT" is... but it's not cool!


Okay, I feel a little better.  I am just so upset about it all, I can't see straight.

I usually try to look for the silver lining... but I can't see any... until I get my packages back anyway.  I will keep you guys updated.


UPDATE: WOO HOO!!! Doorbell just rang. It was the post-lady. Not only did she apologize, but she had the missing packages!!! I am a forgiving person... I was super nice about it :)


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Ech and Will said...

Oh girl you got me SO worked up! I would have reacted the same way. Glad she apologized in person and got your box to you!