Monday, February 4, 2013

Clearest Skin Around!

You may remember the post I wrote a while back about "My Acne Cure" and how I started using an oil mixture to treat my skin and acne.  It still works fabulous by the way, and I haven't used soap on my face since!

As most of you know, I live in Logan, Utah.  If you have been following whole "air quality" news, you will know that Logan is the number one place in the US right now for worst air.  It isn't because of the factory plants and a lot of traffic, per se, but mainly the cold weather and strategic placing of the mountains that traps everything in the valley that blows over from wherever.

For someone like me with Asthma, the air is super harmful, but as a wife and mom with responsibilities I can't just hide in my house as much as I would like to.  Someone has to take and pick up the kiddos from school, and now that we only have one vehicle (van is in the shop), I have to take and pick up Ben too.  We have dentist and doctor appointments, Sam had to get glasses:

.... there is shopping to do, and errands to be run... I already maxed out my library fine, so the books HAVE to be taken back, believe it or not, things happen where you are stuck outside breathing in nasty air (like waiting for tow truck).

I have kept my inhaler with me, and have to use it now more than I ever had before.  It really bites.  But luckily, my insurance seems to think I need a ton of inhalers and they keep sending them to me in the mail... I have a nice little supply.  Only thing bad about that is that my husband has even been eye-balling them.  The Army has been making the guys work outside and train outside the terrible air.  Ben is all congested up and having issues.  But I am super anal about sharing prescriptions, I can't help it, rules are rules to me... I am super "OCD" about it.  I guess that happens when you grow up with a cop.

Anyway, back to my story.  The air is terrible.  So bad, in fact, that all my friends are breaking out with zits like big time.  I didn't even notice (I usually don't unless it is REALLY noticeable   Like the big ones on the tips of the nose, or someone tries to cover them with so much makeup that they actually stand out... that sort of thing).  So, the other day I take Nephi over to the dentist to get refitted for a spacer.  I was sitting there waiting for him, when one of the nurses come over and say:

"Oh, my gosh!  Your skin is SO CLEAR!  What are you using!?"  I was a little thrown off at first... I wasn't even wearing makeup....

She looked at me like I was crazy when I told her.  Apparently, she spends hundreds of dollars a month with expensive stuff and appointments with a dermatologist that proscribes a bunch of meds and she STILL breaks out with the bad air.  She then told me that everyone she knew was breaking out bad too.  I hadn't thought about it...

But then I started noticing it was true!  People around here were struggling with keeping the acne under control with the terrible air.  And here I was looking all cleared up and clean.  I felt a little embarrassed... but I got over that pretty quick.  Then I felt cool.

Now, it probably won't work with everyone, so people I am sure have deeper conditions that do need to be treated by a doctor.  But for the rest of us, TRY IT!!  Here is the link again: CLICK HERE. It is cheap and you really don't have anything to lose.  In fact, if it works for you, you will save thousands of dollars in facial care over the rest of your life.

Since I have started doing this, and I have been doing it for almost a year now, lots of my wrinkles have faded, I look younger, I look less tired than I am, my acne scars of the past have faded, AND my skin feels tighter and healthier.  Olive oil is like magic to your skin!  I rub it my chappy lips, I rub it on my husband's scalp and eye brows to treat dandruff (it works!!), and any time I feel dry (like my knuckles) I rub it on and it heals me right up!

(Shhh... don't tell him, but I even used the oil mixture (olive oil + caster oil) to treat the hubby's "bacne". )

Here is a picture I took the other day (no photoshop):

Anyway, I am feeling a little special walking around with good skin... does make me evil?  Maybe a little :)  But that's okay, it's nice to feel cool every once in a while, right?


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Ruthanne said...

That must be why I'm getting so much acne lately!! I've been trying different face wash and nothing! I was wondering if you could explain more about the bacne solution. What ratio of oil do you use, how much, and how often? My hubby gets it way bad this time of year with so much ward basketball. :)

Cat said...

Sure! I just profiled his back, and made the mixture accordingly. His back was oilier than his face, so I made a special mixture for it. I used the formula from the website for oily skin with an extra teaspoon maybe of caster oil. Then before he went to bed, I would massage it on for a few minutes (he REALLY liked this)-- then I would wipe it off with HOT washcloths. That's it! Just make sure that they don't use soap on it in the shower. If his back seems to get dry over the next few days, add more olive oil to your mixture. Hope that helps!

This LDS Military Wife said...

I started the oil cleansing method and actually ended up breaking out more. I got the big cystic zits in several places. Not sure if I used the wrong combo of oil or what. It took a while for my face to calm down from it. I wish it had worked for me!

Cat said...

Oh, MAN! I have never heard of that happen before with this! Maybe you were allergic to the caster oil or something! Bummer.

The Mom said...

I started doing this after I read your post and my skin has never been better! I do it every night before I go to bed. I used to wake up to an oil field on my forehead, but not any more! It's amazing! Thanks for the recommendation!

Anonymous said...

So do you use anything after your cleansing, like toner or night cream or under eye cream?
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Cat said...

Kelly -- I don't use anything else. The olive oil mixture seems to be a cure all for me. If my skin does seem a little dry after, I just rub a little pure olive oil in the dry spots and don't wash it off. If you feel you need a little around the eyes, go for it. But I used eye cream since I was 20 and NEVER had the effect that the olive oil does. Not even kidding.

Ariana said...

Thanks for sharing this. I want to try it. I love this picture, but you always look pretty!

Rehan Ahmed said...

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