Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Love Letter

A few weeks ago, Sam wrote his first love letter to a little girl in his class named Alison.


He was super pumped to give it to her.  As his loving mother, I was torn!  Do I let him take the letter to school and risk total embarrassment or do I discourage him and forbid him from taking it?  Well, I decided that I just needed to let Sam be Sam and learn his own lessons.  I mean, who knows what could happen? And I don't want to teach "shame", if you know what I mean.

So he put the letter in his backpack.

The next day after school, he came out all happy.  Eager to know all about his first grade drama (I know I need to get a life), I asked him about the letter:

Me: "Did you give Alison the letter?"

He laughed.

Sam: "Yep!!"

Me: "Well.... what happened?!"

Sam: "She crumpled it up and threw it on the floor."  (I gasp... getting ready for the discouragement that would soon follow.  It didn't come.  He was chuckling!)

Me:  "Weren't you upset?"

Sam: "Nope. Mrs. Reese saw and came over and uncrumpled it.  She told Alison that she needed to be nice to me and then put the note in Alison's backpack.  She had to take it home!"  This was a great source of amusement to him.  I was really glad he was taking it well, because I wasn't so much.  I had to remind myself how I was in first grade when boys liked me.... But this was my precious little Sam!  How dare any girl crumple up his cute little love letter! Grrrrrr!

But he seemed okay and I didn't want to MAKE him discouraged if he was choosing to have a good attitude about it.  So I dropped it... until today.

While we were sitting at dinner, I decided to see how the Sam & Alison drama was playing out:

Me: "So, Sam, are you and Alison still friends?"

Sam smiling big: "Yes!  We are good friends!"

Me: "Has she gotten over the letter?"

Sam: "No.  She hits me all the time.  I think she wants to kill me."  He laughed.... I didn't.

Me: "That's not nice!  Friends don't act like that!"  I nudged Ben next to me to contribute to this conversation.

Ben staring into his fish: "Huh?! Oh, yeah... friends don't hit friends!" He said between bites of fish.  "This is REALLY good sweetie!"

Me: "Thanks." then turning back to Sam: "Sam, maybe you shouldn't try to be friends with her anymore if she is getting mean."

Sam: "Well.... she hits and kicks me, mom..." Then he got this huge grin on his face: "But she really loves me!"

Me: "Did she tell you that?"

Sam: "No.  But girls hit boys they love."

Wow.  My little 7 year old "gets" girls already.  Sheesh... his teenage years are going to be interesting!!