Thursday, January 10, 2013

How to Raise Shy Children to Become Confident Teenagers

A guest post by Agnes Jimenez

There are some children who are simply less outgoing than other children. In fact, some of them are quite shy and find it difficult to spark up conversations or make new friends. While shyness may not seem like a huge problem, if it continues throughout the child's life, it can turn into a problem. When children are shy and continue to be like that throughout their life, they can end up losing out on different opportunities because they allow the shyness to get in the way of participating in activities and getting to know other people.

Some children can overcome shyness but there are others who end up becoming more self-conscious, even as they become adults. When adults are shy, the number of opportunities that they miss out on only continues to expand. It is important for parents to help their shy children overcome the shyness at a younger age so that they will avoid missing out on different chances and opportunities in the future. There are plenty of ways to help children overcome the shyness, but the first step is for parents to figure out why the child is shy to begin with.

Parents always know a lot about their children and usually are able to easily identify the reasons why they have introverted behaviors. After identifying the root cause behind their children's shyness, they will be able to work on helping them become more confident and less shy. Parents must act as role models and show them that socializing and making friends is perfectly acceptable, and is, in fact, normal behavior. Children who see their parents socialize with others would mimic what they saw by opening up to other children their own age.

It is also important for parents to put an emphasis on social skills at a young age. Teaching their children to be friendly and accepting to various types of people at a young age often helps them gain confidence and let them become friendlier with others instead of feeling anxious or nervous around other people. Play dates for young children can also make a huge difference because they allow kids to communicate and play with one another, which is just another form of socializing that helps reduce shyness and self-consciousness.
Starting at an early age, parents should allow their children to grow into confident adults. Parents can find plenty of other useful tips on helping their kids cope up with various growing-up issues on, a website designed specifically for parents who are looking for alternative ways to help their troubled children and teens.

Agnes Jimenez is a professional blogger and writer. She writes for many online establishments and currently partners with in spreading awareness about troubled and depressed teenagers (and how to deal with them). Help Your Teen Now aims to increase awareness on the current psychological and societal stresses of today's teens and how these factors affect the future of our society.

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