Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tragedy, Hope, Santa and an Anniversary

I know I haven't posted in like a week or so...

But I have to tell you, that the whole school shooting last week, threw me for a loop.  I heard about it just as I was leaving to pick up my boys from school.  You all know that my boys are the same ages as the children that were killed, and it completely broke my heart.

I was a crying mess when I went to pick up my kids that afternoon from school. Sam jumped in the van with a big smile on his face in anticipation of Christmas break. I thought, how blessed I am to have this moment that many parents in Connecticut aren't going to have today, tomorrow, or ever. I remembered yelling at the boys that morning to get out the van because they were goofing off... how many of those parents said snappy words as their last to their children? I almost couldn't bear the thought. So this week, like everyone else, I am holding my children a little closer, loving them a little more, and trying to have a little more patience. Never again am I going to take for granted those little moments of seeing them off... they will never get out of that van without a hug and kiss, again. My thoughts and prayers to those families who lost loved last week.

Their little faces have been popping up all over Facebook and I can barely look at them... and when I do, the tears flow... again.  I am amazed at the incredible women who gave their lives to save many children that day.  Truly heroes, forever.

And out of such a tragedy, I see hope.

The day after the shooting, I went with a church group to visit temple square in Salt Lake City.  Even though it was packed with people visiting to see the lights and programs, there was this feeling of amazing peace and hope.  My heart that had been so troubled and so sad, suddenly felt lighter and more hopeful.

We counted 9 wedding parties there that night.  And I was quickly reminded that even though there is unspeakable evil out there, there is also that much MORE good and beauty.  I want to make it my goal for the next year to be a part of that greater good out there and work on being a better wife, mother, friend and all around better person. 

On another note....

We took the boys to a military Christmas party the other day.  

Santa was a little tired by the time he got to our boys....

And Jake was having NONE of Santa... I think it's the age.  My other boys didn't like Santa at that age too.

I love Christmas time. Isn't it great?

And the kids made sock snowmen:

Sam really liked his.


Lastly, I just wanted to mention that Ben and I have been now for 8 great years! (I saw a friend do this and I thought it was super clever!)

1 Wedding
2 Universities/Degrees (almost)
3 Pregnancies/Babies
4 Vehicles
5 Moves
6 Jobs
7 Student Loans
8 Years of College

And many more wonderful things to come!!

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