Friday, December 21, 2012

Sometimes, You Just Have to Say No!

Last month, when we went to my parents house for Thanksgiving, my mom took the boys to the store and let them pick out a toy.  You know how grandparents are when it comes to spoiling.

Nephi came back with this remote control monster truck, and Ben and I gave each other "the look."  A million words passed between us unsaid during "the look," and after being together for as long as we have, we don't have to open our mouths to have a whole conversion with one glance.

In this silent talk we had, we reminded each other of the MANY disasters we have faced with remote control items, and it NEVER ends well.  EVER.  There was the time we got them some cars and they instantly broke all the antennas off... they did the same thing the next time too.  When my mom got Ben a helicopter they stepped on it and pulled the blades off the top.  They just can't seem to leave the parts intact and take care of them!  Such a waste of money.

Then Nephi comes home with one that grandma bought him and Ben and I made bets on how long it would last.  I won.  I bet it wouldn't last the day... Nephi decided to give it a bath and shorted it out just before bed time.  Sometimes I hate being right.

When the boys wrote their letters to Santa they both asked for remote control helicopters.  Don't get me wrong, I love my boys, I love Christmas time, and I believe in the magic that the holidays bring.  I love the whole spirit of Christmas and even the dream of Santa.  When it comes to the holidays I am just a big kid!  I think I would even be secretly thrilled if Santa left special presents for just for me!  But now, being mom, I am the only one that doesn't get a stocking.  My boys think that it's because I might be naughty... and maybe I am a little, but the thought of filling my own stocking is just... well, it's depressing.

But I love Christmas anyway, and being an adult has taught me all about the sacrifices parents make for their kids, and that the greatest feeling in the world is the magic that children bring to Christmas morning and that is the best present for me as a mom.

This year, though, as much as I want to make Christmas as magical as possible for my kids, when it comes to remote control items, I have drawn the line!  First off, I am NOT forking out 60-100 bucks for a RC helicopter.  SO NOT going to happen, especially since they haven't proven themselves big enough to handle the responsibility.  Then again, at the same time, I didn't want them to ask Santa for something and then not get it either... at least not at this age.  The years passed they asked for little cheap things, so it made it easier for us to comply, but at the same time, they seemed to get it in their heads that they will get whatever they ask for, so I may have done them a disfavor.

So, in attempt to keep the magic of Santa alive, I decided to get creative.  I told the boys that I had called Santa and told him not to get them RC items this year.  They yelled and screamed and pitched great fits.  I explained to them that it had nothing to do with being naughty, but being responsible.  I reminded them of the bath they gave that last RC car just a few weeks ago.  And told them that they just aren't old enough for something like that.  Then I told them, that I told Santa to save them for another year, for when they got big.  They calmed down and seemed to understand.  I was relieved because 1. we just couldn't afford them and 2. the thought of RC helicopters flying around in our town-home knocking stuff down filled me with total anxiety.

I had been pleased with myself, until the boys asked Santa for them the other day at the military party.  Grrrrr..... So I had to tell them again that they weren't getting them!  And I thought they understood, until today I heard them talking about what they were going to do when Santa brought their RC helicopters.  Talk about frustrating!!  For the last time I sat them down and explained to them that I told Santa NOT to bring the RC's.  It wasn't going to happen.  I told them that Santa had a very special Christmas planned for them, and to just believe and hope for the magic... Then, not being able to hold in my mischievous side, I told them if they wanted to worry about something, worry that Santa will not remember that we will be at grandma's house and not know to bring their presents there.   That happened to be the perfect distraction!  The boys are currently working on a map for Santa so he won't get lost.

Hopefully, we have heard the end of the RC whatevers for a while... guess we will just have to see!


Is there a gift your kids are begging for but aren't getting?


heather tucker said...

hi i am your new follower i love your blog cant wait to read more

Cat said...

Thanks Heather!!

Tara said...

I totally don't blame you for laying down the law on the remote control toys. My daughter has been asking for a Minnie Mouse Bow-tique shopping cart set/thing, but there is just not enough room in our house for her to be able to play with it. I keep reminding her that Santa only brings us some of the things we want, and hopefully the other toys we got her will be exciting enough to make her forget about it.

heather tucker said...

oh i know what you mean my parents have done the same thing and it just ends up getting broken, torn up or what not

Ech and Will said...

My dad got an RC helicopter for Christmas a few years back. He took it to my sisters' elementary school so he would have a big open space to play with it...and got it stuck on the school roof. I have no idea how that happens, but even adults have a hard time with RC's. It sounds like you handled the easy let down really well with your kids.

Julie, Wife of a Soldier said...

This is the first year my son won't be getting exactly what he has asked for. Part of it is that he has been changing his mind every view days. The other is cost. Christmas morning could be really interesting but I figure it can be a teaching moment for him.