Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Attempting Holiday Craftiness

I admit that some crafts come easier to me than others.  I picked up crocheting pretty fast... and I have a lot of pleasure in what I have accomplished in that area.  Here are a few new Christmas Hats I made:

(For hat details on design or buying, please see this post here, thanks!)

However, when it comes to decorating and stuff like that, I am pathetically inept.  My Christmas decorations just don't know how to put themselves together in a manner that is pleasing to the eye.  The kids don't care, they break what they can reach anyway... (remember the adventure of the Nativity? When the boys broke all the ears of the animals of my brand new Willow Tree set?) And most of us with kids under 5, have all the ornaments gathered on the top of the tree... classy!

And don't even talk to me about style... I am jeans and top gal and nothing is going to change that.  Trust me, I have tried and it has only ended up in disaster!  I wish I had a friend who would take me under their wing and give me some clothing style tips.  But I think most of my stylish friends know that I am completely hopeless in that department.

Not to mention that my kids have that same issue:
Meet Bat-Fairy.  Yes, it does bother my husband.  Yes, that is Nephi in the back holding a BB gun.  No, he is not aiming at Sam, he is aiming at some balloons.  And yes, he is a VERY good shot... both my boys are.  And NO, he was not shooting by himself... this is what you don't see in that picture:
That's my dad, a retired cop, teaching my boys gun safety and proper use of the weapon.  It makes me nervous, that's why they stick to ol' Red Rider... so far no one has shot their eye out, a good sign for sure.

Now, back to the topic:

So, this year I decided that for family night we should make a Gingerbread Train (aka Graham Cracker train).  I was a little nervous because I haven't made one in years, I was anxious about the frosting.  But Ben took over as the frosting guy, and we had fun:

Then there were the attempts at making snowflakes for the windows.  While all our neighbors have these professional ones, ours look like Edward Scissor Hands made them...

I did manage to make some holiday goodies that tasted a lot better than they look thankfully:
 Ranch cheese ball wrapped in bacon bits.
This is a spicy cheese ball covered in pecans.

So after my failed attempts at "festivizing" the house, I just shrug and remind myself that I am not a super Pintest mom who can do everything.  And, hey, that's okay.  I make it up by spending more time on my kiddos than crafting up something that no one will appreciate anyway, right?

However, I am pretty pleased with myself about this little nugget:

You know those funny crochet beards that people wear around?  Well, I swore up and down that I would never make one... ever!  But my boys and hubby saw some walking around town and have been bugging me about some for Christmas.  So I gave in... but I was going to do it my way, my design.  So here it is:

For those of you interested in the pattern, I am planning on typing it up and posting it on my crochet blog next week, probably.



Have you attempted anything crafty this season?  Good or bad attempts welcome to comment!!!


Samantha said...

We made homemade ornaments. They aren't perfectly round & there are a few cracks but my kid still appreciated them way more than I thought he would. :)

I made my own stocking holder with a jar, ribbons, & acorns found in the yard. It looks dumb but I still like it. My kid had fun picking acorns.

(They are all pictured on my blog if you want to see them.)

So in the end, I think our little holiday crafts turned out awesome simply because my son loved them. I am actually hoping to make some snow globes but that is still up in the air for now.

mamajoyx9 said...

Adorable!!! Love the graham cracker train. What a great idea! So far we've strung cranberries and popcorn - a huge hit for family night especially since we've been on a Little House on the Prairie binge and they ALWAYS have popcorn and cranberries on their tree (plus it's a great fine motor activity). Another success was painting sugar cones with frosting and adding sprinkles - Christmas trees, but oh my was it messy!!! Still waiting to do Christmas cookies and a gingerbread house.

Ariana said...

I love Nephi and his cute beard! It looks like you guys are having so much fun together. The gingerbread train looks great and the toffee looks delicious. I have to try your recipe!

john smith said...

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