Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Serious Teddy Bear Product Giveaway!

Image from Serious Teddy Bear Co website

Every Veterans Day, our country honors the millions of Americans who have served in our armed forces. While there are many ways that people can give back to veterans, sometimes it’s best just to give a hug.

This year, the Serious Teddy Bear Co. would like to show its love for our troops by giving away a teddy bear gift basket to readers who have a loved one who served or serves in the military. We know that military service affects many more people than just our men and women in uniform, and we’d like to show our support by giving a teddy bear hug to a veteran or their family members.

Teddy bears may not seem like the most appropriate battlefield gift, but they can provide a lot of comfort for soldiers on active duty or for their loved ones back home. Show them some love with one of the Serious Teddy Bear Co.’s many teddy bear gift baskets.

Nominate Someone for a Teddy Bear Hug

How to enter:

Go to their site: click here, and look around, then in the comments below, leave us a message with who you would like to nominate and why. Then, link to the bear you think we should send. Whether it’s a Happy Birthday bear for a soldier overseas or a Thinking of You bear for a child waiting for mom or dad to return from duty, let us know who you think needs a teddy bear hug this Veterans Day. Comment below!

Contest ends on Nov 16th at 11:59 pm.

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Olivia R said...

They are so cute...I know I like the Amber bear, but not sure for which occasion....best sister, best person, happy birthday for my mom's 60th


For my mom because she has been real strong battling a Myasentha Gravis...an autoimmune neuromuscular disorder since July. It is progressive, but she is optimistic, and believes she is lucky that it was found early with good doctors.

Meredith said...

I am nominating my newest friend Brendan! He is 5 weeks old today, and his dad is Marine. Brendan's dad deployed to Afghanistan for a year when Brendan was only 2 weeks old. To top it off his mommy is a Navy Nurse and they both miss Daddy very much! Brendan is learning at a very young age about the sacrifices involved in a military family.

I would love to send him the "Super big hug" http://theseriousteddybear.com/big-bear-hugs.html I know its not as good as snuggling with his daddy, but i think it might suffice as second best.

teddy bears said...

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Allison said...

I'd like to nominate my daughter who will be celebrating her 21st birthday in Kuwait. She is serving as an MP in the Army, and this will be her first birthday away from her family. Her birthday is on January 2nd, and a birthday bear would go a long way to helping her to deal with her homesickness. She's also studying for the Soldier of the Month board which comes up in January, so she'll be nervous about that.

Thanks so much for supporting our troops. As a military wife and mother, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I would like to nominate my son for this! He is a 6 year and every time dad leaves he is my rock. My son is very special and he always keeps mommy together when things get tough. I think for children the hardest thing is to see their parents go and not know when they will be back, any military child deserves all the love and support they can get.

Thank you guys for being such a huge support to military families.

L5S1ouch said...

I think Debbie Anderson and her 4 children deserve the "Thinking of You" Hugs! Their Dad/Husband was just re-deployed; he's a SFC in the Army. They are really missing their Dad right now, esp as the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays get closer. I think that the "Thinking of You! Hugs would help brighten their days as they wait for their Dad to finish his Tour of Duty.