Monday, November 5, 2012

Hats, Hats, and MORE Hats!!!

I am such a liar.  I posted last week that I was going to be more active on this blog now that I am feeling so much better!  Then the weather started getting cooler... that's when the hat orders start coming in!  I was positively THRILLED when the bookstore called me and made a 16 hat order!

I was working FULL TIME, mind you all week to get this order filled.  It was for my most complicated hat:

(Side note: Doesn't my hubby rock that hat?  This was his Halloween Costume:  The Biggest Aggie Fan.)

You should have seen my bedroom!  I had blue, white and gold yarn all over the place, hats and parts staked everywhere... total craziness!  But last night as I put the finishing touches on, packaged the hats up for sale, and printed out my invoice, I was supremely satisfied!!

I even got another order for two more of the Aggie Bull hats filled, AND I got two more orders this weekend (4 hats in all) to get filled and sent out by Wednesday!  Not to mention some baby gifts I sneak in every now and then.

I have to show you what I did yesterday!  I am really proud of how they turned out:
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is one of my all time favorite Christmas Classics.  I have such great memories watching it as a kid and now sharing it with my own boys.  I have been making these for some of my friends who are having Christmas babies.  I hope they like them!  If anyone is interested, these babies are up for sale on my Etsy site now!  For the full story on these hats and more pictures, check out my crochet blog post here!

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer $23
Clarice the Doe $23
Both Hats in a Package Deal! $45

(Note: The original design and pattern are by Chelsea @ A Chick w/ Sticks)

I could say that I hope things slow down so I will have more time to blog, but truth be told, we REALLY need the money for Christmas this year!!  So fingers are crossed!!



Heidi said...

Yea congrats! That's awesome!!

Annie said...

Oh my gosh Cat, those hats are ADORABLE!!! You are so so talented!

Ariana said...

I love your new reindeer hats! I think the Aggie hats are still my favorite. Congratulations on the big order!