Friday, November 23, 2012

Guest Post: So you Think that Fat Defines You…

Before I start my fitness journey I want to give you all a little back ground, set the tone if you will.

It all started when I was a wee little one… Ok I won’t go there but where I will go is to my family. I come from a fairly lean family. Even to this day they don’t have to eat all that well or even exercise much to stay at a normal range. Then there is me. I was the odd girlie out. Not only was/am I the more insulated one I am also the only one without straight brown hair or brown eyes or easily tanned skin. Ohh you better believe I am the opposite of all those things. All growing up I was more worried about how much I stuck out like the sore thumb that I am regarding these lovely features that I have than the fact I was an overweight girl.

As I got older I started to realize it. I really didn’t have a problem with it either for the most part. In 7th grade I started to play softball and really got into it. Once I hit high school getting on the team was a big priority for me. I loved to play. By my sophomore year I was playing Varsity and in my junior year tacked Tennis team on top of it. Needless to say I was getting my running in pretty much year round! This didn’t really change much for me. But I still didn’t worry about it.

Then came college. I moved to Cedar City Utah and quickly realized I was not like the rest of the girls there. Aside from the obvious culture shock of moving from Las Vegas to Cedar, I was also surrounded by all these girls who were practically half my size! The only thing I did was go into a funk. After my first year of college I moved back to Vegas to continue with school. I ended up joining the old LA Weight Loss. I spend the rest of my savings to start it and then just fell away. I wasn’t losing weight and they could care less about me when I needed the support the most. Then I gave up on that and decided to just join a gym. 24hr Fitness. To this day I still love that place! I was on and off going there for a couple more years.

Eventually I made my way up here to Logan after meeting and marrying the love of my life. He knew what he was getting and loved me for it. I felt content. But when we moved to Logan I had that same feeling I did years earlier. “I do not look like the girls here.” Uggh how I hate that feeling. I bet you have had that very same feeling-the worst. After we got settled in I started learning about healthy eating and living. I even started to go to the gym regularly…like 5 times a week. I was pretty hard core!

Then the unthinkable happened…no I didn’t hurt myself…even worse… I got PREGNANT!!

Ok this this isn’t unspeakable, nor was it a bad thing that happened. It’ wasn’t a huge surprise either. It just happened a lot quicker than I thought. But I stuck to it for about a month or so. Then I wimped out. Winter was setting in and I was tired ALL the time. After an easy pregnancy came a scary and very hard delivery. It left me with a year of pain and probably the worse shape I have ever been in.

In January of this year I decided that life would change…pain or not.

I started to work with a personal trainer out of Reno, Nevada. I participated in a couple of her on-line challenges and even did a couple months of personal training. I was losing a little bit of weight but more than anything was learning what my body needed and what it did not need. My desire to learn and try new things exploded at this point! Since personal training had become more than we could afford I decided that I needed a gym membership. It was awesome…at first. The first couple weeks were really good- the place was open 24-7 and there was hardly anyone ever there( they were kinda pricey). Until, The KEY Incident.

Long story short at 11pm during the middle of my workout, the only man in the gym with me took my keys into the restroom with him and didn’t come out for an hour. Needless to say it freaked me out and I never went back. Well the owner refused to call me back about the incident. I paid for 5 months of gym membership in which I never set foot inside their facility. I could not cancel with corporate since all the gyms are individually owned. It was a mess! The only reason I got out was because the old owner sold and the new guy actually returns phone calls.

Ok so now I’m done with gyms! I stared looking around and got onto the Beach Body website. MyBeach body Page . I realized that I had an account with them and I actually had a coach. Sweet! So I messaged him and told him my “key” story and what some of my goals were. He messaged me back and said, you know what I am not too familiar with what works well for women but you should talk to this other gal. So we started chatting and then she said- lets get a real conversation going and she called me. Very impressive, she actually wanted to get to know me and my family, what I wanted and we talked about what I actually needed. I felt so uplifted after that conversation.

She got me started with Shakeology and with a workout program that would work with me and how my body reacts to exercise. ChaLEAN Extreme is where it’s at! So in love with this program. I am also a sucker for freebees and cool accessories. My favorite part about how she works you out is how she talks to you throughout the video. Sometimes I find myself giggling through some of her funny comments. Don’t let her feminine physique fool you though. At this very moment I am feeling the complete breakdown in my shoulders from last night’s workout!


With all that said I am down 10 lbs as of day 40 of this program and down 26 lbs over-all since January. I am in the beast shape and am the smallest I have ever been in my teen/adult life! I can’t wait till January when I have completed my full 90days- I’m ganna be a feminine beast! If you are more curious about my journey or just have questions do not hesitate to ask. My Facebook Page
My name is Jessica. I am a mother to John(2 years) and a wife to Jared. I have a hypothyroidism and we DO NOT get along! I am a passionate person on a life long journey to become my best self and find my greatest joy in helping those along my path. I work full time to support my boys in all that they need. My husband is in school full time looking at making the Military our family career. With all the chaos I needed more so I became a Beach Body Coach. Don’t be shy, say hi . Cheese ball I know but honest it just came out!


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This LDS Military Wife said...

Hypothyroidism is so hard! Every woman in my family has it. And unfortunately because of the difficulty it is to lose weight, weight has become everything to many of us. My sister, who has always managed to be stick skinny despite thyroid issues thinks that because she is skinnier than everyone else, that it makes her better. And although I am finally at a healthy weight, her comments still hurt because I am not as skinny as she. I have to keep reminding myself that her weight was not obtained the healthy way and I want to be different. Not just feeling good in my skin but HEALTHY! Keep up the good work! I know how hard it is but it is so worth it.

Cat said...

LDS Military Wife -- I also deal with the same thing. It's really depressing sometimes! Best thing is just find what works for your body and keep it up! I will never be super skinny, but that's okay, as long as I work hard, feel healthy, and am happy.

This LDS Military Wife said...

You look awesome. I am having a hard time finding what works but I won't stop trying!