Monday, November 12, 2012

Fake Bonuses and Real Blessings

I don't think I mentioned this, mainly because I hate casting negative lights on my beloved Army.  But over a year ago, Ben got this mysterious bonus pay.  He had heard the stories of bonuses accidentally given and then when the Army figures out their mistake, they start taking money out of your pay to pay it back.  So he called in to check on it, and they said that there was no mistake, that he earned the bonus.


So, fast forward a year and half.  Ben gets $25 for his weekend drill.  What the heck!?  We were suppose to get around $300.  That is what pays for our utilities and our health and dental insurance.  Ben gets on his Army account to check his pay stubs to see what is going on.  Turns out the Army decided after all that the bonus was a mistake after all and now they are going to take it back PLUS interest.  First off, we never got the whole bonus, 30% was taken in taxes.  But now we have to pay back the full amount PLUS interest!  You can imagine that we were LESS than happy about this whole thing.  Especially, with Ben in school and funds being tight anyway, losing that money is a real blow to us.

However, luckily, the weather is getting cooler and the hat orders are coming in.  I have ALMOST earned enough to cover that loss for November and December.  But it still stinks big time that what we hoped that the hat money would be Christmas money, is now going to pay bills.  It's sad.  But hey, that's life right?

So now you know why I haven't been around here lately.  Crocheting while watching Netflix has become an almost full time job.  But I'm not complaining.  We have really been blessed with the orders.  These are my most popular sellers:

 Men's raised stitch hat (I don't have this posted on Etsy yet, but if anyone is interested, I am selling them for $25 plus shipping -- email me to discus details -- colors can be customized)
 My owl is HUGELY popular this year.  I sell this hat on Etsy and I also sell the pattern.
 My Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Clarice the Doe hats.  Original design by Chelsea at A Chick w/ Sticks... with a few of my personal changes.
I posted this Turkey hat this year and have sold a few.  The original pattern and design are by Chelsea at A Chick w/ Sticks as well.

Then my Utah State hats are always best sellers as well.

So now you know where I have been hiding.  Hopefully, I will be able to come out of my cave every now and then and write a post. Meanwhile, I have almost run out of good Neflix movies/ series... anyone have any suggestions?



Brandee said...

i love me some downton abbey, army wives and i am trying out the "heart of dixie" show. what do you like to watch as i am needing something to fill my time while nursing in the wee hours....good luck with all your dealing with.

Samantha said...

I'm always watching & finding new shows on Netflix.

These are what I watch or have watched:
Sons of Anarchy
Downton Abbey
Raising Hope
The Game
Teen Wolf
Breaking Bad
How I Met Your Mother
The Office (U.S.)
The Walking Dead
Army Wives
Grey's Anatomy
The Hard Times of RJ Berger
Switched at Birth
Private Practice
Being Human (U.S.)
30 Rock
Freaks & Geeks

I know, that's a lot of shows. What can I say? I really love watching t.v. Lol.

Anika and Sean said...

I like Merlin, Once Upon a Time, Revenge and Suburgatory. Pushing Daisies is really cute too. It was only two seasons.

Anyway, I would totally raise a stink about having to pay for interest on that money since it was their mistake and you guys called to check on it. We've had stuff like that happen to us before and it is beyond infuriating. I hope it all gets resolved. Hang in there.

Jordan said...

We had the same problem with a bonus from the Air Force. We weren't very happy about it. I'm glad you can see the bright side of things and have a way to cover bills.

Other good shows that I haven't seen mentioned yet are Dr. Who and Drop Dead Diva. I wasn't sure I would like Dr. Who, but oooohhh I like it. :) Good luck getting everything done.

*Katie* said...

We had the same problem with a bonus while J was at BOLC! It was a horrible time -- for a while they were taking like 66% of our pay, and that was our only income. It was super stressful :( I'm sorry you have to deal with that!

I'm really into Hart of Dixie, Downton Abbey, Vampire Diaries .... pretty much just TV in general :)