Monday, November 19, 2012

Create More Festive Atmosphere in Your Home for Christmas

This is a guest post, not by Cat

Christmas is definitely the most festive time of the year, especially when another holiday comes just a week after New Year. This is the moment of family get-togethers, of cheerful atmosphere, of jolly mood and ubiquitous sprees. During this merry season everyone seems to become friendlier and more welcoming. Everywhere around you can see the Christmas spirit incarnated in the bright house decoration, in the smiley faces of the kids, even in the funny hats people wear. This can certainly melt you and bring the Christmas sparkle in your eyes. It’s strange how the world transforms overnight as if someone waved a magic wand and gifted everyone with enthusiasm.
You can contribute to the overall holiday season spirit by decorating your home, both interior and exterior. What better way to bring some personal touch to the Christmas spirit felt everywhere around. How about something different this time, something unusual and unique, something DIY? Feeling crafty enough to take the challenge? Creating something of your own will definitely show how enthusiastic you are over the upcoming celebration. Your inventiveness will surely be rewarded by astonished looks because the pieces you make yourself will stand out, no doubt about it.
Instead of the commonly spread single wreath hung on your door, why don’t you make a two-piece one for your double-door entry? One part will be placed on one of the doors, the other part on the other door, and the two parts will meet in the middle. So, what you have to make is actually two crescents. For the base you should use something sturdy, such as a wire, to braid around in order for the crescent to hold its shape. Use an evergreen, perhaps pine, to make the braid with. Simple green garlands will work as well. As you braid, you may also include a ribbon in one of the strands or you can add it afterwards exactly the way you want in to look in the form of a spiral around the half-wreath or like little bows here and there. You may also attach some fruits, Christmas balls, or whatever else your imagination wants to put on there. Hang the two parts on the door in such a way so that they match when it’s closed.
Now, let’s do a citrus pomander as a tabletop centerpiece. What you’ll need is oranges or grapefruits, clove and some green leaves or pine twig for decoration. Place a rubber band around the surface of your citrus fruit so that it’s in the middle. It will serve as a guide. The next step is to make little holes next to the rubber band all around your grapefruit/orange. A wooden skewer will do just fine for piercing the surface of the fruit. Then, put clove in each hole all the way around. You can make a couple more clove rows next to this one. In fact, you can make a star, a snowflake or other Christmas related figure on your citrus fruit out of clove using this method. After you’re done, arrange your art pieces in a cake plate in the middle of the table so that they could on a better display above table surface, and put some greenery in between. You can even tie a ribbon around the stem of the plate. Marvelous and creative!
Make your table look like a Christmas present itself! For the purpose you’ll only need a wide ribbon of any color you want. You can match it to the other decoration in your home or even use differently colored ribbons. It’s up to you. Cross strands of ribbon over the top from one end to the other along the length and then the width of the table. You can attach the ends of the ribbon to the sides of the table with scotch tape but do it under its top so that they couldn't be seen. You can even make a bow and just place it on top of the table. Try this out and you’ll see how easy it is and how innovative it looks at the same time. 
Christmas is all about family gathered around the hearth, sharing and making memories together. By undertaking your own DIY Christmas decoration project you make your contribution to the holiday by adding a piece of yourself and thus creating an even warmer atmosphere in your home. May the fairytale feeling be with you even after Christmas and New Year pass!

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