Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Winners of the Homemade Halloween Costume Contest!

This year we had some fantastic entries, it was REALLY hard to vote!  We did have some "gadget" issues for a few days, but it turned out to work at the end.  We also got a bunch of votes via email and comments.  Some were a little shifty... and some votes came in AFTER the poll closed at 11:59 pm last night.  Those votes will NOT count, sorry.  I did wake up to some email votes, that WERE sent in on time, I checked the time stamp.

I want everyone to know that I ran this contest as fairly and honestly as I could.  So after all, the winner of the 5 Nuts in a Nutshell Annual Homemade Halloween Costume Contest and $25 Target gift card is:

The Angry Birds!!

 But I have this thing about being fair... and I think that Medusa gave the Angry Birds a good run...

So, what I decided to do is give Medusa a $20 credit at my hat shop: Cat's Hats.  She can pick out a hat or headband she likes, OR I will customize one for her as well.

I wish I could give everyone a prize!!  But we can't do that this year, sadly.  Maybe next year I will be able to pick up some sponsors, wouldn't that be cool?!

Here is the total vote tally:

Stapler 4
Lego Man 4
M&M Family 4
Medusa 23
Chicka Chicka 5
Captain Olivia 13
Captain America 7
Hobbit 13
Angry Birds 29

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

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