Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Guest Post: The Right Fire Extinguishers for Your Home and Office

The Right Fire Extinguishers for Your Home and Office

There is no argument against the absolute necessity of having at least one operable fire extinguisher in your home and business. When purchasing a fire extinguisher there are a few important items to consider. Purchasing an extinguisher is not a one-size-fits-all ordeal (as there are no general or all-purpose fire extinguishers); the extinguisher should be custom fit for the size and make up of your building. The process of choosing your extinguisher should be well informed and precise.

Different Types of Fire Extinguishers
Fire extinguisher technology has improved over the years to remedy an array of different incidents. The first extinguishers projected water from copper containers. In current times, we have a few different types of fire extinguishers that project different types of fire suppressants. We also have everything at our disposal from elaborate fire extinguishing systems to fire extinguishing balls (perfect for sprawling factories—not so much for the home). There are extinguishers with enough firepower that they’re mounted on carts for transport; and there are small aerosol-can spray-away fire extinguishers found at many local grocery stores.
Be sure and check the label thoroughly in order to choose the extinguisher specific to your needs. In the worst case scenario, don't be picky; use the extinguisher closest to the fire. The time to consider all your options is before a fire happens, when placement is key. Be conscientious of where you store each type of extinguisher

Which Extinguishers are Best for Your Needs
Determining the area in which an extinguisher is most needed is crucial to deciding which canisters to purchase. First, all kitchens should be stocked with an extinguisher no more than a few steps away from the stove or microwave, even in offices. Garages and basements that are used for work requiring flammable tools and components should also be stocked with the appropriate extinguishers.
When looking to supply your home or office with a good fire extinguisher, you should look for portable, lightweight extinguishers specifically designed for ease of use. They should fit into an accessible corner or be conveniently suspended on a fire extinguisher wall mount. You want to be prepared for a quick grab-and-spray scenario.

How Many Should You Have in Your Home
Making a good assessment on how many fire extinguishers your space needs will help in determining the type and size of the fire extinguisher(s) best for you. The occupant of a small apartment or studio may need only one extinguisher. The occupant of a multiple-storied office building may consider three, four, or maybe more extinguishers to cover all of the bases. Again, each extinguisher should be portable, lightweight, and easily accessible. If you’re looking for your office, you can find information from OSHA about how many extinguishers you should have and where they should be placed.

Be prepared now for disaster later
Just buying a fire extinguisher isn’t enough. Make sure anyone who will be in the space, from employees to kids, know how to use them. Setting up a 30 minute company-wide meeting to ensure everyone is ready for action if a fire breaks out could save your building and your resources. Similarly, take an afternoon to talk to your kids about fire safety and show them how to use the home extinguishers. Hopefully, no one will ever need to use them, but it’s best if everyone is prepared.

Author bio: Maire is a writer living in Indianapolis. She loves baking her famous double chocolate cookies and hanging out with her orange cat, Walter.


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