Thursday, October 18, 2012

Guest Post: Great Recipes for the Holidays!!

By Jill Adams

Every Valentines, Halloween, and Christmas, my kids and I enjoy decorating sugar cookies. I've tried several recipes over the years and have always come back to these two tried and true sugar cookie recipes:

*These are soft and perfect!

*These are amazingly soft, never dry, and makes a little thicker sugar cookie.

*Cream Cheese Frosting:  This recipe for frosting is on a hundred other websites I'm sure. But it's ALWAYS the go to recipe for us.

*For a fun fall cookie, my husband's favorite is these applesauce cookies
They are not the prettiest cookies. Not going to lie. But they are so flavorful. We use the same frosting listed above but with chocolate.

*My kids have enjoyed these super easy muffins as well. 
Its a great recipe they can do with little adult assistance. And they're lower in fat.... unless you add cream cheese and chocolate chips like I do! ;)

*These are some of our favorite pumpkin desserts. Some have pictures and others don't. But they're all great!
This one's not pumpkin, but it is always loved at any community gathering:

We have a few soups that we love in the fall!

If you're like me, you might already be mulling over what you want to take to neighbors at Christmas time!
These are AWESOME!!!

Fun for kids to help with:

And this, as simple as it is, is just plain awesome! We like to do freezer corn each year and this is a great dish. How can you go wrong with cream cheese!?!?! ;)

Hope you enjoy these recipes! My family and friends have. These recipes and more at:

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