Friday, October 19, 2012

Guest Post: Getting Back to Yourself

Are you on the verge of becoming an empty nester or is retirement in your near future? Some people dread this stage of life, as they worry about feeling lonely or having too much free time on their hands. If you look at your retirement years in another light, you can come to view this time as an opportunity for self-discovery and fulfillment. Now that you've gone through the hard work of raising children and working a career, it's time to do something for yourself. Some people are so used to putting others' needs ahead of their own they have no idea where to start. Try out one or more of the following ideas and enjoy the feeling of relaxation.


In today's stressful society, there's truly something magical about taking a step back and centering yourself. This can be accomplished during yoga class. Whether you're a fitness junkie or a dedicated couch potato, you can easily fit in to the yoga world. While you spend some time in gentle poses, studying your breath, know that you're also improving your physical, emotional and mental health. Nothing wrong with that!

Anti-aging treatments

You may still feel young, but depending on how good you've been with the sun protection over the years, that inner feeling of youth may not be borne out on your face. Fortunately, anti-aging treatments have really advanced over the last few years, meaning you can take years off your face without spending a fortune. The number of treatments offered continues to grow, with microdermabrasion, necklifts and oxygen facials as the most popular options.

Take a weekend trip

Did you put off traveling as a parent due to the major hassle involved with keeping your kids in line? As an empty nester, this should no longer be a problem, which means you are now free to go wherever you want. You may still have budgetary limitations, which is why shorter weekend trips may be a more practical option. While spending a weekend away, you can get all the relaxation of a longer vacation without emptying your wallet. If you're still working, a short trip will allow you to stick to your schedule.

Wardrobe makeover
Now that the pace of life is scaled back a bit, you have the chance to dump the business outfits or get away from a daily wardrobe of jeans and T-shirts. You might not be the type to wear chic dresses and stilettos -- don't worry. Find your own style through experimentation, sites like Polyvore where you can plan outfits (complete with snazzy accessories), suggestions from your friends and by consulting fashion blogs. Celebrities can provide great inspiration as well. Just know you can come up with your own outfit ideas without having to fork over your life savings.

You've spent your entire life sacrificing for others. It's time to give yourself a break and have a little fun. Whether you enjoy reading, shopping or traveling, take a little time to do something you love.

Author bio: Maire is a writer living in Indianapolis. She loves baking her famous double chocolate cookies and hanging out with her orange cat, Walter.

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