Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cleaning -- Fun for the Whole Family

Having to deal with all sorts of stains, spillages, tons of dust, cobwebs, etc. can have a negative effect on you. People tend to get highly irritated when it's that time of the week/month when a house cleaning is in store. It is mainly because different problems require different types of treatment; different types of stains need different types of detergents and so on. A way out of this situation is to hire a professional cleaning company to take matters in its own hands. This way, you will not escape your duty but will also be sure that the task will be fulfilled in possibly the best way it could be. However, if you feel you don't have or simply do not want to spend any money on an option like this one, you can turn the cleaning process into a fun one and let time fly. If you don't look at it as a tedious obligation, the cleaning will run smoothly and will also turn into an enjoyable past time activity.

1. The more, the merrier

Try and never perform the cleaning all by yourself. If you have a companion beside you, the job will be done faster and more efficiently. Chatting away with someone, you will not even realize when you will have already cleaned the whole house. Never let everybody abandon you to do the job all by yourself. Try to make as many of the family members take part in the process as possible.

2. Give everybody personal tasks

When each member of your cleaning team has a personal task to complete, the process will run smoothly and will result into a flawless, well accomplished mission. On a similar note, rather form teams. One team can take care of the bathroom, the other team can clean the attic and so on. This way nobody will be left alone, everybody will have someone to talk to and make time run faster and the work seem less of a drag.

3. Turn it into a game

It’s a well-known fact, that everything is more fun and entertaining if turned into a game. Games such as “Who will clean a certain room the fastest” or “Who can scrub the most stains” will keep everybody involved highly entertained. Or, you can turn it into a competition, with small complimentary prizes for the ones that perform the best. This will, without a doubt, speed up the whole process, especially if the ones involved in it don't like losing and have their eyes on the prize. The second option works better if there are kids involved. Everybody knows how kids love to compete against each other.

4. Turn up the music!

Everything is better when there is music playing. Take turns on who gets to choose what to be played on the home stereo system. You can even make a game out of this, too. For example, to make people guess the name of the song/artist playing. Remember, the more fun you make the whole cleaning process, the faster it will go and people won't even have time to get tired.

If you are lucky enough to gather a good team for the house cleaning that is about to take place, think of the upcoming event as more of a party than a household chore. You won't regret it.  http://www.londoncleaners.co.uk/domestic-cleaning/

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