Friday, September 7, 2012

There are Some Things Men Just Don't Get

One of those things are seasonal scents.

My dear husband just can't understand why I have to have pumpkin spice soap.  Why can't I use the Fresh Market Apple or Raspberry Pink Peony?  "Because those are summer scents," I tell him.  "It's fall time now."  Then he will throw something factual at me like, "Well, technically, it's summer until the 22nd."  "It doesn't matter," I tell him.  "The weather is cooling down.  I can smell fall in the air... and Bath and Body Works is having their soap sale RIGHT NOW!  I HAVE TO HAVE the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin!"

Eye roll.

They just don't get it.

When we first moved here and were allowed to have Scentsy warmers, it was spring, so I bought Tangerine, Raspberry Cream, Apple Spice... you know the scents for the season.  Well, Ben was there with me and threw cinnamon in the cart.... and vanilla spice.  "Ummm.... sweetie.... Do you want our house to smell like Christmas?"  This was April, by the way.  "What?  I like those smells."  He said.  "Well, I like them too.... after Thanksgiving."  "I don't see what the issue is.  If you like it, then you like it!"

Whatever.  Time to pick my battles and hubby wanted Christmas in April.

I hid them in the back of the others, but Ben doesn't fall for that trick.  Yeah, our house smelled like the holidays for a while.  When my girlfriends came to visit, they would do the sniff test as they walked in... come on, we all do it when we see a Scentsy warmer on... it's a womanly pride thing to "name that scent".

"Okay... is that Cinnamon Bear?"  I roll my eyes... "Ben woke up before me this morning."  I instantly get the nod of understanding.  I mean, come on, we've all been there right?

Luckily, it's that time of the year now, that Ben's favorite smells are coming back in style.  I stocked up on Pumpkin-something-rather from Hobby Lobby (*Gasp* a "generic" brand -- only to hold me over mind you!!) -- and Ben is totally cool with that.  However, as I stood in my bathroom and threw away the empty bottle of Fresh Market Apple foam soap, I thought, "I REALLY need some fall soap.. NOW!"  But I looked in my cupboard under the sink and I am still fully stocked with summer scents.  There is no way I can justify it to Ben to buy fall smells when we still have plenty of hand soap in stock.

Men just don't understand that we can't go around smelling like tangerines in the fall.  It just isn't right. Apple is fine... as long as it is attached to "cider" or "pie" not "fresh."

Maybe he doesn't know about the stock....  Oh!  Got to go!  I'm going to hide them!!



Samantha Kay said...

Get with the program, Ben! Geez.

At least your husband likes awesome smelling candles & soaps. Mine thinks they all stink. Weirdo.

Ariana said...

This post made me laugh. I especially like how you said that Ben will "throw something factual" at you. I hate it when Alan does that. :o)

generico said...

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Becca said...

Haha, this story made me chuckle. Thankfully my husband does like SOME scents, especially fall and Christmas related ones. I just ordered my first Mrs. Meyers hand soaps, though, and chose the Parsley scent (it was highly rated!) but am a little nervous to see what he thinks of it!