Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Tonsils Must Come Out!

I snagged this picture from another
article that was really good about
getting them out as an adult.  Click
on picture for article.
As I sat down at the hospital registration table and faced the lady behind the desk, Jacob squirmed right off my lab and ran off.  I handed the administrator the paper work and watched to make sure my kid didn't take off too far.

The Lady looked up at me when she read "tonsillectomy" and sighed sadly.  "Poor little guy!  He can't even be 2 yet and already needs his tonsils out!"  I just laughed, "Oh, it's not for him... it's for me."  Her eyes got big.  "Oh dear, that's even worse!!  I got mine out about 10 years ago and it was HORRIBLE!  Good thing you only have that little guy to worry about..."

"Oh, I have two more at school right now."  Now I got all the pity the poor lady could muster.  I think she was more worried about it than I was.

I have never had any kind of surgery before.  I got my wisdom teeth pulled, but I remember every second of it.  Having babies like I did doesn't count either.  So this is going to my first time being knocked out totally and having something removed from my body.

So October 9th is the big day.  Finally I am going to have these tonsils out that have plagued me with strep throat a few times a year my whole life, and 5 times just this last summer.  Apparently, strep throat lives in my tonsils and it comes out when I am stressed or overly tired.  I think Ben being gone all summer and us not getting paid is a reason to get it over and over again.

The doctor told me to stock up on Popsicles and plan on being out for 2 weeks.  Luckily, my mom is going to be able to come help me out for a while (YAY!), and so things should go smoothly.

But I am still pretty nervous.  I keep thinking of all the stuff I need to do before I go under the lasers... like deep clean my house!  Who wants to be out of commission in a messy house??  NOT ME!

So for all of you who have had this done, what are you best tips for recovery?



Rachel Maxwell said...

I am so sorry. This will not be fun.

Hubby&Wifey said...

Okay, so I don't usually comment on anything but I decided to comment this time; mostly because of the comment above. ^ That is not what you wanted to hear. So here goes, I haven't had them out YET. I am actually scheduled to have mine out the beginning of October as well! So, my attitude going into it is: Is it going to hurt some; YES! Is a couple weeks of pain worth not being sick every other month if not more the rest of my life; Yes! Now to the advice I've been given and intend on using: When you first wake up after surgery ask for something to drink and start drinking liquids as often as possible from then on to keep your throat wet (when it gets dry it hurts more; so I've heard.) Chewing gum will also help keep your throat from getting too dry if you're sick of drinking every 5 min. Also using a humidifier while you are sleeping (I'm sure you have one around since you have little ones) again this is to help with keeping your throat from getting too dry. (I think we've both got the picture to try our best to keep our throats from getting dry.) Some people can't stand hot liquids and others can't stand cold so whichever works for you is fine (smoothies/hot cocoa have a supply ready and waiting.) Take your pain meds. around the clock! Even when you are sleeping or napping! It will not be fun having someone wake you up but the pain will be at bay! Tell the hubby or mom no matter how grumpy you might be to wake you up anyways! (This bit of advice came from an ENT! So I think they have some wisdom when it comes to this!) A cold compress around your neck helps with inflammation and pain as well. I think the best thing we both can do is to be prepared and know that this is not going to be the same as drinking a virgin strawberry daiquiri on a beautiful beach somewhere!! Have a positive attitude that this too shall pass and things will be better in the long run(not being sick ALL the time!) Good luck!! (Oh and P.S. the weight loss from surgery/liquid diet isn't a bad bonus either! At least that's what I'm telling myself. Ha!)

Jennie Newbold said...

I have had my tonsils out, granted I was a little younger but seriously it was NOT that bad. In fact, I had my mom's delicious pork chops 2 days later for dinner. Don't let anyone freak you out! You're the best! :)

Jennie Newbold said...

And, by the way. My tonsils were ginormous-they were "touching". As in each other. ENT said they were the biggest he has ever seen haha! You're gonna be a trooper. Hang in there!!!