Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Final Update!

I want to apologize for having this up so late.  There was a sponsor that didn't get back to me and I wanted to give them time to answer my email.  Well, they didn't.  I feel terrible about cheating my challengers out of a prize or two.  So instead of donating just one or two hats, I am going to donate 4 hats to the challengers who have worked so hard to reach these incredible goals this summer!

I am constantly amazed at the people who took up the challenge.  Their weekly updates inspired me to keep working hard toward my own goals.  I didn't meet the 120 miles that I set out to do.  Mainly because of my struggle with health problems I wasn't able to work as hard as I would have liked.  The whole asthma thing really threw me off track.  However, I did work hard anyway, and lost 26 pounds over the course of the summer to meet my goal of pre-pregnancy weight!

Most of us didn't make the goal, but in the end, what really matters is that we did the best we could in our individual situations, grew a little, learned some, and above all, had fun!  Hosting this challenge every summer isn't easy.  Sometimes, it takes hours to write and update post, and this post itself has taken me days to get put together.  More times than not, I am late getting updates up, and for that I am sorry, but thankful for all of your patience.  I am thinking that maybe next year, I will enlist some help.

I asked my challengers what they thought of the whole experience this year.  This is a few of their answers:

Leah says:

When I started the challenge, I was confident that my marathon training would keep me on track to finish with enough miles. What I didn't anticipate was that a little healthy competition from seeing other people's miles would lead me to squeeze in extra workouts everywhere I could - even on rest days! Adding a little extra here and there showed me that I can go the distance even when I'm swamped with school, work, and life. Now I'm confident that I'll be able to keep the momentum going even when the semester starts up in full-force next week. The Summer Fitness Challenge helped me realize that I can always find time to do a little more when I prioritize fitness. Plus, now I can brag to all my friends about all the miles I ran this summer.

Jenn C writes:

My grand total (and can I tell you how excited I am about this!) is 229.50, which far surpassed what I thought I could do. I'm like you..on a weight loss journey, and my grand total weight loss so far is 95 lbs. I'm smaller than I was in high school (23 years later) and doing things that I never thought I would do.

Thank you so much for running this challenge and pushing me out of my comfort zone!

Excited to see my name on the last tally sheet!

I wish I could give ALL my challengers prizes!  But I didn't have too much luck with sponsors this year.  Hopefully, next year, we will have better luck in that department!  Fingers crossed!

Okay, now to the prizes!

My good friend, Jessica, has donated this super cute gym bag!!  She made it herself and I love it so much I am thinking of dropping hints for Christmas... hint.  hint.

The winner is:

Nellie is donating one of her super awesome NoSlip Headbands!!

The lucky winner is:
Lindsey M!!!!

Heidi, my co-blogger at The Worsted Crochet Blog, wants to donate a couple of hats.

So the two lucky winners are:

Jessica C

(I will put the winners in contact with Heidi so she can tell you what hats are available)

And I am donating 4 hats.  Winners pick which color scheme is your favorite, and then email me your contact info.
Classic Black and White Stripes

Fun Halloween Hat
The winners are:
Jenn C,
Running w/ Cake,

Again a HUGE congrats to ALL the challengers!!!! Hope to hear from you all next summer!


Ariana said...

Thanks so much for doing the Fitness Challenge, Cat! I am so happy that I did it. I am definitely feeling much healthier because of it.

Lindsey said...

Sweet! This is the second time I've won a prize through your challenges and the headband looks great! Thank you so much for the challenge!!

DancingPrincessDesigns said...
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DancingPrincessDesigns said...

Wow, AWESOME! I can't believe I won a hat! Excited!

Thanks so much for doing the challenge...it was just what I needed this summer :).


Kacy said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so excited about the bag. I was scrolling down and looking at it thinking "that is freaking adorable" but I didn't think I'd actually win it!

Thanks so much for putting this together, Cat! You are truly inspirational and I'm excited to hopefully do this again next summer! (And if you can use help from afar, let me know and I can try to do something!)

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