Monday, August 27, 2012

The *Newest* Stupidest Kid's Meal Toy, EVER!

Back in the day when I was a kid, kid's meals usually had some pretty cool toys.  But then it was the 80's, and the 80's were some good times.  But as the years go by, the toys start getting cheaper and cheaper and stupider.  You may remember the LAST Stupidest Ever:

Well, today I took Nephi and Jake to Carl's Jr for lunch.  I was tired and making lunch just didn't sound like something I had the energy to do.  We got the meals and of course, the first thing Nephi does is searches the bag for the toy.  This is what he fishes out:

Now, at first sight, you're thinking "Oh, it's a kid's maze!  What's wrong with that?"  Well, let me give you a hint:  Look really close and see if you notice something missing...

Yep.  You're right.  There is no little ball.  At first I thought there was a manufacturing issue, so I took the toy up the counter to ask about it.  I was like: "Umm... where's the ball?"  The lady told me that the little balls were too dangerous so the company decided to make the mazes without, but that they would drill a little hold in the back so we could add our own little ball when we got home.

I just want to thank Carl's Jr. for being so thoughtful of my children's safety.  I am so glad they wasted money and made a POS maze that really upset my kid because he thought it was surely broken.  I will gladly take it home and get out my box of extra-dangerous killer maze balls that all parents have right?  I especially love it that they don't think, I as a parent, have enough common sense to throw away broken toys if the ball was somehow able to escape.  I love being treated like I am a complete moron.... makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

So not going to Carl's Jr. any time soon.  I'll take them to Chick-a-Fillet where they give out children's books and fruit and non-breaded chicken nuggets are optional.  They come around and re-fill my drink, have a play place, free wi-fi for my Kindle Fire, AND a condiment station.  Carl's was totally stingy with the ketchup and only let my ketchup lovin' kiddo's have 3 packets to share!  For the price that we pay, we should at least get 4... come on!  Boo to Carl's!



Anika and Sean said...

I don't know about the worst toy... Most are pretty dumb in my opinion, but I can tell you about the coolest kid meal toy we ever got. We had a layover in Narita with enough time to stop a McDonalds. The toy Terryn got there was a toy car that you could flip around (kina like a transformer) and it became a police car. It was so awesome. He played with it all the time. He even wanted to sleep with it. Unfortunately he lost it after about a week. But seriously... Why can't they make cool toys?

Unknown said...

When i was a kid then at that time this was my favorite game really i enjoyed lot of at that time.


Haley said...

That's hilarious in a completely ridiculous way. All this bureaucracy is nuts!

site said...

The Happy Meal was introduced in 1979, the brainchild of an ad exec working for McDonalds and wanting to capitalize on the then-new success of the drive-through window. Early Happy Meals were pretty lame affairs, but they were only 99 cents too. And the toy wasn't actually that bad -- sure, they were just McDonaldland erasers: Ronald, Grimace, the Hamburglar, and the rest all done up sort of in M.U.S.C.L.E. style -- but that in itself kicks all sorts of ass over the crap that Happy Meals would try to foist on kids later.