Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Homecoming!

Ben's flight was due to come in Wednesday night at 9:09 pm.  It's been bothering me these last few months that I would have to take the boys out so late past their bed time.  But what can you do?  So, I planned on letting them wear their PJ's in the car and they could sleep to and from the airport and it wouldn't be a big deal.  BUT I knew that having all of Wednesday to wait to see Ben was going to drive me nuts... so I made a little to-do list to keep me busy.  But hey, who am I kidding?!  Anxiety was sure to win out in the end and I would be running around like crazy keeping busy doing absolutely nothing productive.

Tuesday night I couldn't sleep, so I took a Tylenol PM to "help" me get some much needed rest.  About an hour later I was snoozing peacefully.  At 2:30 AM, my cellphone woke me up.  What the heck?!  It was Ben.

"I have some fantastic news!!"

Me feeling Tylenol PM-ish: "Wh...a...t?"

"I called the airline and got an earlier flight!"  Ben said.


"Guess what time I arrive?!" He asked me all excited-like.

"Ummm.... I dunno....."

"My flight lands in Salt Lake at 11:49 am!!!"

"WOW!" I was suddenly very much awake.  "You better not be teasing me!"

"Nope!  I gotta go!  Love you, see you in a bit!"  He hung up.

It took me another hour to get back to sleep and then I woke up early because I was so excited!  I got the boys all ready, we stopped at the bank and the gas station, and off we were to go get daddy!

I was a little anxious because we got to the airport 50 min early.  I kept thinking my boys were going to run all over the place and be naughty.  But there were a bunch of other big families there waiting for some Mormon Missionaries to come home and they had WAY naughtier kids than I do... made me feel a bit better about myself and my Army Wife skills of handling 3 boys by myself.  I kept them off the escalators by telling them the story my mom told me of the kid that got his shoe laces stuck in the escalator and it broke his legs... I don't know if it's true, but it kept my sister and I from playing on them... AND it worked on my boys too.  Then I kept them off and away from the Baggage Claim thing by reading them the warning sign about kids staying away and then showing them how it could rip their fingers off.  Gruesome, but effective.  I had the best behaved kids there!

Anyway, when we got in the airport, I checked to see if Ben's flight was going to land on time.  I thought for sure there had been a mistake when the board said that they had already arrived!  Are you kidding me?  A whole 50 min early?!  So I texted Ben and asked and he said they had and were just getting off.

Cool.  It was a good thing we got there early!!

So we stood at the bottom of the escalators and cheered when we saw him coming down.  We didn't have have posters this time, it had only been 8 weeks... I figured he had to be gone at least 3 months to get a poster.

But we did get some pictures!  (even if they are blurry.... Jake through my camera in the trash, and I didn't catch it in time, so all I have is my cell phone)

Needless to say, we are VERY happy to have our Ben home!


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Catherine Metz said...

The first picture of Nephi is just adorable. Talk about one picture saying 1000 words!

trooppetrie said...

i cannot wait for our day next month, going to be a great reunion

Ariana said...

Those are great pictures! I'm so glad he is home!