Thursday, August 2, 2012

NextStepIP System Camera Review

A couple months ago, I got an email from NextStepIP System (from NextStep Baby Monitors) asking me if I would like review one of their cameras.  Normally, the camera is advertised as a baby monitor system that you use to check up on your baby when you are away from home, like on your iPod or smart phone, or even from your laptop or office computer if that is what you want.

However, NextStepIP wanted me to specifically try it out for the purpose of Ben being able to check in on us and see us from his training afar.  Thinking that this device is more than just a baby monitor, and can be used to help families keep in touch from long distances.

Now, I am not totally tech savvy, and I know there are a ton more features that this camera can do than I have figured out.  But, I have to tell you, Ben, the boys and I have been having a blast with it.  We can't see Ben, but he can see us and control the camera from his computer far way.  It even has infrared so you can see what's going on in the dark (great if you are checking up on sleeping babies).

My friends have been teasing me a little about it, saying it was creepy that Ben could spy on me whenever.  Seriously, if it creeped me out, I would just unplug it.  I know he misses us a ton, and if it helps his homesickness to see us going about our day, then that's okay with me.  Besides, it was only fun to spy for like a day and now he likes to call and talk to us at the same time.


You can get this camera from several different distributors, however, NextStepIP has put together a FANTASTIC manual with a step by step guide to setting up all the different functions the camera does.  It was invaluable to us as we tried to get everything all set up.

The one thing I wish it could do, is that I wish I could use it on Skype.  Other than that, it has been a ton of fun and I am really glad that I got the opportunity to review it!

For more information, you can follow them on Twitter or check out their Baby Monitor Knowledge Base.

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