Saturday, August 18, 2012

In Which Mom and Dad have had Enough!

Usually, for me, Fridays are pretty uneventful.  But I got to tell you this month has been pretty crazy! Today, Ben let me sleep in.  If I don't have a kid or alarm to wake me up, I could seriously sleep all day.  I just about did, because I didn't wake up until noon!!!

Then the dishes were out of control, so I put a tiny dent in those as soon as I got the gang feed and baby down for a nap.  Sometimes I feel like a short order cook, because everyone likes something different.  I usually don't make a big deal of it at lunch because everything they want is pretty simple.  Dinner, they eat what I make or don't eat (they usually ALWAYS eat what I make after staring at it for a few minutes).

Then once again I sent the boys to their rooms and gave them 3 hours to clean it or there would be consequences. I have been trying to get them to clean their rooms for a month now.  Now that dad's home, I am ready to stand up to the little squirts.  They didn't take me seriously once again, so this time, after the 3 hours, we but a movie on in the living room and Ben and I made some "adjustments" to their sleeping arrangement.

First of all, having their own rooms is a privilege not an entitlement. Since they couldn't take care of their room, then they would now be sharing one.  Secondly, if they didn't appreciate their toys, then maybe they needed to have a break from them too.  So Ben and I packed all their toys away in bins and put them in one room, and moved Nephi's bed into Sam's room.  What do they have in their room now?  They have a huge book shelf full of kid's books, their clothes and shoes, and their beds.  They will be allowed to have one bin of toys at a time starting tomorrow.  Don't think we are being TOTALLY horrible.  They will have the chance to earn back their toys AND their own bedrooms as they show us they can be respectful to their things, their rooms, and to us.

I have tried many different ways to motivate them to be more responsible... but they just don't seem to care. They get it, they just don't care.  Hopefully, this will help them to understand what is expected out them and they will respect us a little more too.  Even though, Sam told me that I was "fired" from being his mom.

Life is so hard when your a naughty little guy....


PS How do you motivate your kids to clean their rooms or keep them clean?


Anonymous said...

We have a ransom box. So we tell them to clean things up and give them 5 minutes. If at the end of the allotted time there are still things on the floor then they go in the ransom box. In order to get one toy out of the ransom box they have to do a chore (help load the dishwasher, mop the floor, etc etc). It has worked relatively well. We did the same thing you did though. One day Rob got sick of the kids attitude of ungratefulness for the things we have bought and done for them so he took garbage bags and threw every toy they had minus the books in them. So don't feel bad! :) - Em

The Carpenters said...

Way to go. I have been wonderkng when you were going to "stick it to them" ha ha.

The Mom said...

My mom taught me this. Pack all their toys into multiples boxes, and then they get one box. Every month, pack up that box and pull a new one out. It's like getting brand new toys every month, and they have less to pick up and put away.

I know I get overwhelmed when my house is messy and I don't know where to start. So when it's time for them to clean up, rather than just telling them to clean, make it a game. Tell them to go in and pick up anything that has blue on it. When that is done, then another color. Or pick up anything that has wheels.

Hope this helps!

Cynthia said...

If you've been fired, then you're doing something right! Keep up the good parenting. It's hard but will only get harder as they get older so you may as well get them trained now!

Anonymous said...

We do a few things right now that work.
1st thing: We make it into a race. My kids all go into their room race me cleaning another room. Whoever wins gets a prize (like a piece of candy) but if all my kids do a good job then the person who finished 1st gets 2 prizes and the others get one

2nd thing: we are planning a trip to disneyland in december, so i made a "road to disneyland" poster board and everytime they clean their room, help me out, not cry and whine they get a mickey mouse sticker to put on the road. Once they reach the castle then we get to go to disneyland. They love this cause I made 3 roads so its like a competition to see who can get to the castle first. (you could do easily do a "road" to something else)
3rd: I see how many toys they can pick up, then i count them. So if its railroad tracks they stack it as high as they can and carry them to the box and then i count how many they picked up that time. They like to see if they can out do each other and if they can grab more each time.

Hope this helps. And don't worry. We have definitely taken all the toys away too. I've even vacuumed up stuff when they left it on the ground.

trooppetrie said...

okay you are going to think I am nuts. but for clean rooms we clean up every morning. I wake and say clean up. if they are not clean then they do not get breakfast. sounds harsh but if you look at my kids you realize they have not lost meals. i also have the same theory, i have stripped there room more than once and let everything set in clear buckets until they earned it back. it is amazing what they are willing to give away. sometimes they are over whelmed with how much they have and so it helps to just cut back

Tobi said...

Recently I gave them numerous chances to clean their rooms. Nothing was getting done. Between their two bedrooms I threw away six trash bags full of toys. Now they each have one small toy box of toys left.

Instead of telling them to clean their rooms, I tell them they have to pick up ten toys. I make them count out loud while they clean. Then I tell them to empty their hampers in the laundry room. Then I give them another task. It seems to work better if it's a series of small tasks rather than just a generic clean your room.

And I still don't feel sorry that I threw their toys away.

Anonymous said...

We don't allow toys in the bedroom. He had a bookshelf full of books and a chest of stuffed animals, and that's it. It may sound nuts, but all the toys stay in a storage ottoman in our family room. He has to put all of the toys back in the ottoman each night. If he gets new a new toy and it won't fit, he has to get rid of something else (this means putting it into storage in the garage.) He also has a play kitchen and the rule with that is that all of the food and dishes need to be in the various compartments before bed.