Monday, August 13, 2012

Fat Butt Something: Sick... Again

This is the first time I have turned my computer on all week.  I have still be checking my emails and Facebook... but via Kindle Fire from my bed or the nest I made on the couch.  I have had strep throat this weekend, and it wasn't too fun... not even a little.  It seems like every weekend something prevents me from getting the updates up on time.  What's up with that?  Maybe I am just cursed with some serious weekend bad luck or something.

Today, I am still moping around feeling bad about myself and my stupid misfortunes when it comes to health... but tomorrow, I have high hopes of feeling MUCH better!

Okay, so this blasted post has taken me two days to write... I must be having issues.

Anyway, I will stop going on about this, and post the updates!


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Personal Weight Loss Updates

Weight after I had baby: 254
Weight before I started running a couple months ago: 231
Weight when Ben left: 220
Weight last check in: 196
Weight this morning: 194 (Woo hoo!!!!)
(Goal Weight: 155)

Here's to a happy active week!!

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