Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fat Butt Friday: The Skinny Pants

I just wanted to start off by saying that I haven't put off this post because I have been lazy, but because for some reason, blogger wouldn't let me sign into my blog yesterday!  It was really frustrating, but today, I am back and ready to get this update up!

This week I reached an important milestone in my weight loss journey... I fit comfortably into my skinny pants!!!  WOO HOO!  I am just 2 pounds from being away from my pre-pregnancy weight, and 6 pounds away from being at my skinniest weight of my adult life at 190.  I am feeling pretty pleased with myself and all the hard work that went into this summer journey.

My body is telling me, that I need to give the strict diet a little bit of a break and work on maintaining a while.  Heck, I lost 25 pounds in 7 weeks, I need to give my skin and body time to adjust to this new body.  So for the month of Aug, I am going to add a few things to my diet and then come Sept I am going to go full force to get the rest of the 30-40 pounds off I need to make it to my ultimate goal of 155-160.

I am pleased as punch that I made my summer goal plus some.  I am even a little more then thrilled that I now weigh less than my dear husband... and more than anything, it's so nice to look in the mirror and see that old friend I thought so many times was gone for good.

It's been a pretty good week... but next week, will be so much better!  Why?  Because the love of my life is coming home!!!  YAY!  


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Personal Weight Loss Updates

Weight after I had baby: 254
Weight before I started running a couple months ago: 231
Weight when Ben left: 220
Weight last check in: 198
Weight this morning: 196 (Woo hoo!!!!)

Here's to a happy active week!!

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1 comment:

trooppetrie said...

hitting that 199 weight was amazing. I am at 184 this morning. about 30 more to go. my hero will be here in 6-8 weeks. I cannot wait to surprise him