Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bad Air and No Computer

Today, I hijacked my husband's laptop.  A few nights ago, something happened with my desk top computer and for some reason the internet stopped reading.  Ben's laptop still gets it, and my kindle fire is still picking up the signal, so we know it's the computer.  Trying to post on Facebook or type up a post on here on a Kindle, just doesn't seem to work out very well.  And Ben has been gone the last couple days running around and tying up loose ends before school starts... yesterday, he left his laptop home and I though "Ah HA!" then my hopes failed when his password prompt came up.  Sad.

So here I am just taking a second to catch y'all up on what's going on.

The air quality here has been HORRIBLE the last few days!  You always can tell when the sun is red that there are bad things in the air -- I am pretty sure it has to do with all the fires in Utah.  I even saw a health warning on the news for people with asthma or lung problems, telling us to say in.  And they are right, every time I venture out, this stupid asthma kicks in and my chest tightens up. So I have been hiding in my house the last few days.

I look like total crap.  My skin is super white -- I look like a vampire.  And I have these dark circles around my eyes that make me look a little dead.  But whatever.... At least I am maintaining my weight loss!  See, a bright side to everything!

So, this week has been a bit disappointing.  But I don't let it get me down too much.  Usually, when things aren't going my way, it just means that something great and wonderful is just around the corner!

On another note, as most of you know, since I have been nagging about it for a few weeks, this blog is up for an award.  This is the last day to vote and my poor little blog isn't fairing too well.  I went from #4 to #6 in just 3 days... sad.  PLEASE, take a second to go vote.  You can vote once a day, so if you voted before you can still vote again.  I don't ask you guys for things... not very often.  So please help me out here.  I would LOVE to finish this out as #5 as least.  But I am about 75-100 votes behind... it's amazing what can happen just over night, huh? (Late last night I was still at 5, and then this morning I was #6).  Just click on the button below and vote for "5 Nuts".

Thanks to everyone for all their love and support!  This blog would be nothing without my faithful readers and friends!


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