Friday, July 6, 2012

Sick... Again.

It's the "curse" I think... and a whole lot of bad luck.  It started out just a regular cold, then I got the dreaded fever.  Those two things are a deadly combo for me.  Ever since I got pneumonia the first time a couple years ago, I have been really susceptible to it and have had it two more times since then.  This is my fourth... I feel it coming on like a freight train, and there is nothing I can do to stop it!  I am doing my deep breathing, hanging around a humidifier, taking my cold pills, and trying to get as much rest as I can.  Hopefully, I will get it to subside before it becomes full blown.

This whole thing REALLY upsets me!  Every time I get my running times up to the best ever, I get this stupid sickness!  It messes with my lungs so badly that it literally sets my running back months!!

So I am not happy.  I am stewing in my misfortunes.  And I am really bothered because I still haven't received a little from Ben and I could REALLY use his help and love.

I do have to thank my good friends Jessica and Jared for coming and taking the boys yesterday so I could nap.  They are angels!!

Anyway, I might not get my "Fat Butt Friday" post up today.  I need to get back to bed.  But I will for sure have it up tomorrow :)

Thanks everyone!


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Ariana said...

I really hope you feel better soon, Cat. I'm glad you have good friends nearby to help with the kids.