Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Weight Loss Plan

I have received a ton of comments and emails asking me what I have been doing to lose the weight.  First off, before you read any further, I have to tell you that I didn't take a magic pill.  Nope, hard work went into this, and if that just doesn't float your boat, then you might not want to read any further.  There is nothing in life that is valued as much as something gained by hard work and diligence.  If you are ready to make some changes in your life and are looking for some motivation, then you may have come to the right place.

Weight loss is actually more mental for me than physical.  It is a constant battle of will against body.  Before you choose to make the decision to make life changes and get in shape, you need to make some changes to the way you think, or you are never going to be successful in the endeavor.  Here are a few tips that helped ME to get make these changes.

Get Motivated:  There has to be at least one thing that gets you all pumped up to get in shape and get healthy.  For me, and I have said this before, I have a few things.  1. The military ball in November.  There was a cadet once that slung some mud at my Ben and basically told him that he didn't respect him because he married a fat woman (then continued on that he could only guess that Ben only stayed married to me because he was determined to "work it out."-- whatever that was supposed to mean).  There were enough witnesses that it got back to me and crushed me.  He didn't know me.  He had only seen me at functions and it hurt that not only I was judged by my weight so harshly, but that he questioned my husband's ability to lead  as a soldier because of his choice of a wife.  As much as I want to drop kick this cadet from here to somewhere hot and miserable, I refuse to let his ignorant views of me let me down.  Instead, I think about that and it motivates me to prove to myself that I am not just a "fat woman", but that I am strong and I can do anything I set my mind to!

Learn to love yourself enough to make the changes you need to make.  This is probably the hardest step and hurdle to overcome.  I can't believe how many of my friends who struggle with their weight have low self-confidence.  It's like they are waiting for some life changing event to happen in their lives that will change them and make them happier.  Why wait for something that may never happen?  Why waste our lives away by doing nothing?  We always have a choice!  We can ALWAYS step up and take control of the situation.  Take a step back and look at your life.  What makes you sad, less confident in yourself?  Find the problem and get rid of it.  Each and every one of us has unspeakable potential!  We are worth more than all the priceless jewels of the world.  If we could have a glimpse of who we really are inside, we would NEVER settle for less and we would never be the same people ever again.  I truly believe this.  Each one of us has divine qualities that are just begging to come out, but it's up to us to let it happen.  Take some time to do some soul searching.  Look for truth.  Learn to love yourself and your family enough to take the steps you need to make the necessary steps in your life.  Your life is up to you.  You choice how to live it.  Make it count!

Make the choice and stick to it!  Just one brownie WILL hurt!  Once you make the choice that you are going for big change, don't let anyone or anything get in your way.  There are going to two types of people in your life from that moment on: 1. Your supporters and 2. Your sabotagers.    Sometimes they even cross over,  back and forth.  But you have to be aware of these people.  Supporters, because trust me, you are going to need them, and the people that hate it you are changing your life -- mostly jealous types.  I deal with these people in two ways, first, I just ignore them... I don't let the fact that they keep bringing me cookies bother me... I just give them to the kids.  Second, I turn it into a motivation to stick it to them when I lose my weight... I know, just a little evil, but oh so satisfying.  If they can't rejoice in my successes with me, then they aren't my friends anyway.  Just be strong and stick to your plans!!

Now, what and I doing to lose this weight?

You have to realize that every body is very different.  I have serious viking blood in my family, and I have to looks to prove it.  I know skinny people say there are no such thing as big boned people, it's just an excuse fat people have.  This is simply not true.  I can prove it by just having you look at my pictures.  Most people do not look like this at 5'5 1/2 and 200 pounds and are wearing a loose size 11/12:
If you don't believe me, google it.  I would never be healthy at a size less than 155.  To be 120 just isn't realistic for girl with my bone and muscle structure and I would never even think of doing that to myself!

It has taken me many years, but I have finally found what my body needs to lose weight, maintain it, and I even know how I gain it.

Starchy carbs and some veggies (peas, corn, carrots) will pack on the pounds unless it is whole wheat and in small portions, then I can eat them while I am maintaining.

I can only have dairy while I am maintaining as well.  I can't lose a pound if put dairy in my body.

While loosing weight I eat tons of veggies like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, green beans, brussel sprouts, asparagus, spinach, etc.  I eat lean protein like fish, chicken, lean beef, shrimp, crab meat, tuna, turkey, etc.  AND I eat plenty of fruit!  I love apples, berries, oranges, peaches, pineapple, mango, grapes, and whatever other fruits I can get my hands on.  I eat a lot of these things and still stay between my calorie limit of 1200 - 1800 calories a day.  It's hard to go over that when you are only eating the above stuff.  So I don't really have to count.  I just keep my protein portions reasonable.  I also drink lots of water!!

The other thing I do, is that I only do the above eating plan for about two months.  Then I will start maintaining for about 4-6 weeks.  I want my skin and my body to adjust to my new self.  This helps to not gain it all back once I start eating other foods again.  To maintain, I just start adding stuff back slowly starting with dairy and healthy fats like nuts, olives, and avocados.  And I watch the scale, if it starts to go up even a little, I make changes to my eating and figure out what my body doesn't like.  I will be starting this phase of my plan when Ben comes home.

My plan is to then maintain until school starts this fall, then I will go back to weight loss plan and HOPEFULLY get the rest of the 30-35 pounds off by the end of the year.... fingers crossed!

Exercise is a must.  I know people wish they could just do one or the other -- exercise or eat right and the weight will come off.  This just simply is not going to happen.  The two really do go together for healthy and better results.  The key to productive exercise is to constantly challenge yourself to new levels or you will never improve.

Just remember, when you are feeling discouraged, remind yourself that YOU ARE WORTH IT!  Don't waste one more day wondering what might have been or what might be... each one of those days are a waste!  You have a choice, make it now!  Don't wait for someone to try to make it for you.  Don't wait for someone you call you "fat" or a "Failure" or suggest that you are unworthy to be happy because of how they think you are.  Prove to yourself that you are great.  Find the strength you never knew you had!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Now get out there, and make today count!


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trooppetrie said...

62 pounds today, getting there. i do not eat as healthy as you do. I have never had a salad. Maybe one day my taste buds will change. i agree, lots of water helps

Sarah said...

That is so awesome! Good job.

Serena Guzik said...

“Just remember, when you are feeling discouraged, remind yourself that YOU ARE WORTH IT!” – That’s the spirit! Shedding weight can be tough, especially if you are just starting. But with the right attitude, determination, and discipline, you can achieve your desired weight. You are such an inspiration. Hope you continue what you’ve started. I’m pretty sure that you are closer now to your goal!

Ellen Sanders said...

Thank you for sharing your weight loss plan. I've enjoyed reading it and I will keep in mind your recommendations. I also want to lose weight and I'm sure that your posts will help me with advice.
Hopefully, I will achieve my goal of having a slim, fit body, but only with hard work... I know I can!

Julene Mangrum said...

You are one strong woman, Cat! I know for a fact that shedding some pounds is a tough call. In may case, it is a tall order. I need to lose weight because of my condition. The first few weeks was awfully hard, but I was able to get the hang of it in the following days. After that, I feel lighter and healthier! Anyway, how is your plan? I hope that you were able to reach your goal!

Oscar Taylor said...

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