Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fat Butt Saturday?: Taking a Leap!

I want to start off by apologizing for this late post.  Yesterday was NOT a good day in the Nutshell.  If it could hit the fan, it did.

That being said, and I hope you forgive me, let's get these updates up!

This week, I took a leap of faith... in myself and my abilities.  I signed up to run a 50 mile relay race with some other women.  There will be 5 of us and we will each do about 10 miles.  And I am really scared about it!!  Nervous. Anxious.  But I have been saying all summer that I was going to run some kind of longer race in the fall, and I just HAD to take the step to sign up before I chickened out.

So I have 10 weeks to prepare for this run.

I think I can do it.

Fingers crossed.

I didn't get a lot of miles in this week, it's been hard to get out with Ben gone, and to go with the kids has proved impossible and far more stressful than I feel like dealing with.  BUT I have managed to get some miles in, and as soon as my babysitter husband is home, I will be running for longer and farther and hopefully catch my miles up!


Personal Weight Loss Updates

Weight after I had baby: 254
Weight before I started running a couple months ago: 231
Weight when Ben left: 220
Weight last check in: 208
Weight this morning: 202 (Woo hoo!!!!)

Here's to a happy active week!!

PS - I have decided that it is never too late to join the challenge!  If you are interested, please click on the purple link at the top of the right sidebar.

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Damaris said...

Yay on the weight loss and yay on signing up for the run. Good luck - I know you can do it and I'm sure you will all do really well!