Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Seriously, once little Jake got mobile, life got a lot harder.

I fished my cell phone out of the toilet this week.  And to make matters worse, it wasn't a clean toilet... Nephi has been having a hard time remembering to flush.  Last week I had to dig a turd out of Jake's mouth and I almost lost my lunch on the carpet.

I am pretty sure that the Pre-Two's might be worse than those famous Terrible-Twos.  Or maybe Jake is just getting warmed up.

There is no shelve high enough... no hiding place is safe anymore with a toddler on the run.  Nothing is sacred to a baby.  There is no such thing as personal property.  The only time I can relax is when he is taking a nap, and so help me if my other kids are loud and wake him up early the wrath of mom is unleashed!

Here I am enjoying a nice peaceful afternoon... crap, the neighbors behind us just started mowing their lawn... PLEASE don't wake up the little monster cutie!!  I still need to eat my lunch without little fingers trying to grab food off my plate or out of my mouth.  I just need an hour or two to take my shower and do the dishes.

Blast that lawn mower... I hear stirring in the next room.  Off I go to be Mom.  Good thing he is so darn cute!!


PS- My sister's toddler threw her cell phone in the bathtub the day after it happened to me... must be some kind of toddler conspiracy running in the family!

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Ariana said...

How can you resist that face? He is so cute! I can't believe all the things my (almost) two-year-old can reach. I constantly see her with things she shouldn't have that I thought I had placed out of her reach on the counter.