Thursday, June 7, 2012

Something that Makes Me Smile

I don't know about you, but I love listening to my boys play.  I think a lot of it is just because I am still enjoying the fact that Sam can talk!  For those of you who are new readers, Sam, my 6 year old is speech/language impaired and life with him hasn't been an easy road.  He was non-verbal until he was about 4 1/2 years old and he wasn't potty trained until after his 5th birthday.

This last year at his new charter school and amazing speech therapists, he has really blossomed!  Most kids his age might drive you nuts with their questions, but not Sam... he says the funniest and most clever things... then again, everything thinks that about their own kids!

But my all time favorite thing the kids do, is play dress-ups.  This totally cracks me up.  They get these very serious plots going about super heroes and Army guys and it usually includes a damsel in distress and a baby (don't ask).  I post pictures on here every once in a while of the boys in some kind of funny costume.  If you don't remember, let me refresh your memory:

Yesterday, Nephi had some birthday money so I took him to the store to pick out a prize.  Sam had some left over birthday money from last year, so he got to get something too.  I paid the tax, but what they picked was SO them....

These picture really make me smile:

I encourage my boys to play dress-ups-- partially, to promote their imaginations... but mainly, it's for my own entertainment!  Seriously, having boys is so stinkin' fun!

Then I just couldn't help myself... photoshop was calling my name.  I gave in.  I made me some new wallpaper for my desktop...

I can't look at it without chuckling!


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Ariana said...

I love the wallpaper! Your boys are so fun! My son would love to hang out with them.