Monday, June 25, 2012

Military Monday: The Deployment Curse

No matter how much you prepare, when the husband leaves for a deployment or training, things will hit the fan.  Everything that can possibly go wrong or anything that you are sure will never go wrong... will go wrong.  Military wives call it "The Deployment Curse," I haven't gone through a deployment yet, but it happens to me when my husband goes off to training for long periods of time.

Last time, when Ben left for 9 months, both our vehicles had issues, the hose from the washer broke and flooded our apartment just a week before Christmas, and lots of other "learning" experiences came my way. Last summer when Ben went off to training for a month, we had the Chick-a-Fillet incident with Sam and I had to deal with family services and the cops all alone.  This summer, with Ben gone for 8 weeks (no contact with him for the first 4) I knew stuff was going to happen, I just prayed that it wouldn't be too drastic.

Two days after Ben left, the morning after they took his cell phone away, the curse hit us in the form of taking out the transmission in our mini van.  Lucky us.  You know how wonderful the Army can be with getting their soldier's paid on time... *eye roll*.... so we couldn't afford to get the mini van fixed right now.  Luckily, we made it home and parked it in the garage.  Some friends helped me squish the boys' car seats into the back seat of Ben's car -- Ben's car with no air conditioning.  Now, living in Northern Utah, we can barely manage to get away with no AC in the car if we are just running errands around town.  But if family members want us to come down south to visit this summer... sorry, guys, not going to happen unless the mini van gets fixed.

So today (day 6 of Ben being gone), I got all the boys in the car to run a few errands.  They thought it was an adventure, little Jake thought it was torture!  Two big brother's on either side poking and prodding... yeah, that would bother me too.  Just as we pull into the last parking lot of our last stop, the car died.  Yep.  The curse is really loving us this summer and he's not even been gone a week!

Luckily, I turned the car off... said a little prayer... and it started again.  We got home, but I now know, that the car can't be trusted either.  Great.

Funny thing is, I am irritated, but I still have this overwhelming feeling that everything is going to turn out okay.  Maybe I am crazy.  But I am seriously not over stressing about it.  Then again, maybe I am just in denial that things have been a little on the sucky side.

The kids have been trying to walk all over me, and giving me attitude.  I know they are going through a little adjustment with Ben gone... but I tell you, the sassy mouths are getting out of control.  Last night, after I through a private tantrum in my bedroom, I sat them down on the couch and laid out the rules.  I told them what I expected out of them, and what the consequences were if they disobeyed.  They didn't take me very seriously, because they have already lost a couple privileges and are just about to lose playtime in the back yard... so help me, if they pull that picnic table over to the wall to spy on the neighbors one more time... or turn on the hose and water down their clean clothes without putting on their swimming suit... or even put one more shovel in the blowup pool...  I just might lose my cool.  I don't care what people say, some kids can't be reasoned with with words, they have to learn by pushing their limits, stepping over the line and learning first hand what a consequence is.  If they don't, they just don't get it.  That's how my boys are.  My warnings and words go through one ear and out the other!

But I know I am strong and can deal with this.  One thing I know for sure is that Ben isn't going to hear about all this until he gets home.  He doesn't need to know, because he will just worry about what he can't fix.  You know how men are about fixing things... and how bad they get when they can't!  He doesn't need the distraction, anyway -- he needs to focus and not worry about us.  So I will just smile, suck it up, and roll with the punches.

Bring it on "curse" I am ready!


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Conni MrsMamaHen Smith said...

Oh how funny! I wrote about almost the exact same thing today :) Great minds!

Anonymous said...

I have never thought of it as a curse. More just like Murphy's law. If your husband is gone machine's are going to break, the cops will have to be called at least once, and something totally crazy and unexpected will happen.

Sounds like the curse is in full effect at your house. I'm praying that you make it without further incident. I mean isn't both cars breaking down bad enough?