Saturday, June 2, 2012

Having Fun!

I admit, until Sam was about 5 or 6 years old, being a mom was super tough!  Dealing with Sam's disability and Nephi's toddler-hood... mostly alone... was really rough going.  But things really changed once the boys were potty trained and Sam started talking really well.  Especially this last year... life has been really fun.  I think things really started changing after we had Jacob about 15 months ago now... wow, can you believe he is really that old now?!
Something about his sweet little spirit brought something new to our home -- a greater feeling of peace, I think. The boys calmed down a bit, and a baby in the house taught them how to be gentler, kinder, quieter, and a bit more loving.

My boys are characters.  They each have these distinct personalities that really shine.  I know they get their enthusiasm and knack for making friends with anyone around from me -- that's how I roll!  But they get this boyish mischief and curiosity from their dad.

And there is nothing more serious then Army guys and super heroes...

I could go on about their characters, but I think I will just show you a few pictures I took this last week:

The Air Show at Hill Air Force Base:
 Knowing we were going onto Air Force territory, Ben and the boys showed their Army Pride by wearing their Army stuff.

 You can't see Sam very good in the picture above, but he was sitting in a Humvee looking "seriously scary."

Below: Before you freak out and think, "What the heck is that crazy woman thinking by letting her kids do that!!?" Just know that, there was a little gun show put on by the military there at the airshow.  I figured that any weapons there on base that they were showing were pretty secure... AND I made Ben teach them the proper way to respect ANY weapon, loaded or not.
 Sammy trying to look "Bad" and not succeeding... lol (above and below)
 (He did get in trouble for pointing it at Ben by the way)
 Nephi feeling totally awesome with a gun almost as big as him!!
 Sam said, "Stay away bad guys!!!!"
 When we came home, they got all dressed up as Army super heroes... apparently they are the best kind.

Memorial Day hike:  It was so fun!  We went with some friends and got some much needed nature air and exercise.

I LOVE this next picture!!!  Ben was doing some sit ups and Jacob was giving him support...

Nephi's Birthday:  It was yesterday.  We got him a power ranger mask:
 But the BEST thing we got him was an Army guy kit:
 Sam was really excited about a little "fire extinguisher" it came with... Ben tried to tell him what it REALLY was, but he was intent on putting out pretend fires and wouldn't listen.... lol
 I told Ben to go put his gear on so I could take a picture of the matching boys....
 Sam was feeling left out and photo bombed the picture...

Kindergarten graduation:
 I am so proud of my little Sam... school doesn't come too easy for him, but he worked really hard and did it!

Nephi's Birthday Lunch:
He didn't want to take his gear off for lunch... but the waitresses thought he was a doll and gave him all sorts of extra stuff for being the birthday boy...
What a great week!  Here's to a great summer!!


PS -- It's still not too late to join the summer challenge!!  We almost have 50 challengers, let's get more!!  For more information see yesterday's post here!.

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Ariana said...

Your boys are so cute! I love the picture of Jacob and Ben!