Friday, June 15, 2012

Fat Butt Friday: What Motivates YOU?

These last few weeks, I have gotten several emails, messages on Facebook, and other comments from people around and they all have something in common:  people want to change, but they lack motivation.  They then ask me, how they can get motivated to make the changes they need to make.

Truth is, there are inspirational people all over the place these days.  People who are stepping up and taking the challenge to change their lives for the better... and they do!  These amazing people can inspire us only so much though, when it comes to true motivation, that is something we all have to figure out on our own.  People can hold our hands and drag us along for the ride, but ultimately, we have to take over for ourselves and find our own drive.  Otherwise, sure we may make our goals in the end, only to be left on our own to regress back to what we were before.  We've all seen the people on shows like "The Biggest Loser" who lose all the weight, then they come back a year later only to have some or most all of it back.  It's sad.  But it happens ALL the time.

If you are serious about making some changes, you are going to have to find your own motivation.  What drives you to make changes in your life?  Is it your health? Do you want better self-confidence in yourself? Do you want to shop in the skinny clothes section at the store? Do you have a big event coming up you want to look good for? Wedding? Military Ball?  Are you sick of looking yuck in all your family pictures?  Do you dream of running a marathon?  Do people talk about you behind your back about your looks? (Ben has had fellow soldiers say stuff about my weight to him -- it really upsets me because I think I make a really good wife in the things that really matter.  It's not like I am a lazy pig or something.  I may be heavier, but I am active and I try.  People can be so judgmental!)  Or a big motivation for me, is the example I set for my children and for other people that struggle with weight-loss.

So what is your motivation?  What drives you to keep going?  I have LOTS of readers who need a little nudge in the right direction, so let's help them out!

This is one of my favorite motivational videos, I love this guy!

Here's to a happy active week!!

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A BIG shout out to one of our challengers: Leah for running the Wounded Warrior Half Marathon in Dallas this last weekend!  One of my FAVORITE causes, too!!


Nina said...

I simply love the feeling of being and active, and I'm totally addicted to working out and pushing myself. Nothing feels better than being able to break a new record such as doing 200 push puts instead of 175, running two miles under 12 mins and so forth.... I think results and competitiveness motivate me.

If there ever is a day when I don't feel like working out, I usually hit the gym just for a few minutes or go running for a few minutes. And every time I end up to doing a decent workout. Getting started may sometimes be just an uphill, especially after long days with busy schedule.

@LLMilitaryWife said...

Ugggh gotta get motivated! I nominated (and awarded you) the Versatile Blogger Award...thought it would be fun