Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Call

No matter how long your hubby is gone for, or for whatever reason, we all always eagerly await for that first phone call to let us know they got there safe.

With the military, I am never sure if Ben is going to be able to give me that first call of comfort.  When he left for Basic training, I didn't get "the call" for a while week!  Then when I did, it was this: "It's me.  I am here safe. I will call you in few weeks if I can.  I love you.  I miss you. Goodbye."  That was about it!  Then it wasn't 3 weeks until I heard from him again, and then we only got to chat for 10 minutes.  Then I think he called me 2 times after that only for a few minutes each... this was over the period of 12 weeks.

This training that Ben is at right now, is a little different.  They are able to use their cell phones at night for about 30 min for the first 2 nights, then they take the phones away for the remainder of the 4 weeks of training.  Ben was more stressed about this than I was.  Sure it's going to suck not being able to at least hear his voice every now and then... but hey, we keep busy here and he's the one over there getting homesick.  I am writer though, and when he was at basic I wrote him every day.  I will write him every day this time too.  I will send him pictures of me and the boys and give him all the news and updates.  I like to play out the parts where I save the day over and over again, so that he is assured that all is well and under control... nothing to worry about.

I even got pink stationary with a big pink superman "S" in the middle to remind him that his Super Wife is well... I think he will get a kick out of that.

Anyway, just in case you were wondering, Ben is doing well so far.  He was totally pumped that when they measured him, he was half an inch taller!  Okay, funny story.  Ben used to be 6'2" until he went to Basic training and had such a heavy pack, that he actually lost a whole inch in height!  Now, to most people that won't be a big deal, but in the military every inch in height gives you a little leeway in the weight department.  Ben is big guy and so he is always right there on the line.  We aren't worried because he is only like 8 percent body fat or less now, but he REALLY doesn't like to be "taped".  If you are over the weight limit for your height, they "tape" you or measure you for your body fat to be able to stay in the military.  So because he hates being taped, he tries to stay under the 199 that he has to weight at 6'1".  However, Ben has been doing a lot of weightlifting lately and put on a couple of pounds in muscle.  He was really worried about it.  But all his stretching and working out paid off because when they measured him, he was back to 6'2" and could be 202, and he weighed in at 201.  So he was one happy fella.

The other thing he told me about was that one of the instructors found out right off that he was a Mormon.  In the military, it's always one of the first things they find out about you as they search your stuff.  Mostly, it's the scriptures he brings, and some of his clothing... gives him away EVERY time.  The sergeant was curious more than anything and asked him a bunch of questions.  Ben doesn't mind at all.  But when the sergeant got up to talk to everyone he said, "Well, I have had an opportunity to talk to most of you cadets.  We have cadets of all ages, colors, and backgrounds.  We have cadets from all over the US here.  We even have a Mormon!  Hey, where are you anyway?"  Ben raised his hand and everyone looked at him.  "Yeah, there he is!  That cadet is a Mormon and he's really nice and even answered all my questions!"  At this point, Ben is wondering whether or not it's a good thing to be singled out so soon in the training.  He decided that it was probably okay... and then we got a good laugh about the whole thing when he told me.

I got his mailing address, and even sent out a package today of stuff that he didn't know that could bring so didn't and now he wants it.

Last night was the last time I was able to talk to him, and we talked and texted until they literally took the phone out of his hands.  I think he was really feeling homesick and missing us.  But, once they get all the "processing" done (medical checks, paperwork, PT tests), and they get out into the field, he will be so busy, he won't have time to miss us!



Anonymous said...

So for the scriptures.....does he take a triple combo? a full size or small size? My husband is going to go to basic and I wondered if he needs to have a certain kind in order to keep it?
Thanks, I am new to your blog and I LOVE it. It has helped me so much. I cant tell you the number of times I have cried over a post. I have SOOOOOOOO many questions and concerns and your blog has helped so much!
Kelly Gish, Maryland

Cat said...

Kelly -- I am so glad you like my blog! I love getting comments like this! Makes me feel like I AM making a difference to others :)

The church actually makes scriptures ESPECIALLY for soldiers. You can't buy them, BUT you can get them for FREE through your bishop. Our bishop didn't know about them, so he went with us to the distribution center and vouched for us and they gave us some. But lots of bishops already have them to give out. They are small and can fit in their uniform pockets. They also come with a little hymnal. Here is link that will give you more information:

If you ever have any questions, PLEASE feel free to email me anytime!

Damaris said...

I'm glad he made it there and is doing well. Good luck to you these next few weeks!