Wednesday, May 2, 2012

White Girl

I have a fear of getting skin cancer.  Ever since I took a health class in college, in which the teacher was anti-sun to the extreme -- mainly because her sister or mom had to have half of her face removed from tanning too often, I have stayed away from anything to do with tanning.  When I go outside I slather myself in spf-the highest-number-I-can-find!  My kids don't step a toe outside with being sprayed down... twice.  I take special care to cover every little bit of my little redhead, Nephi.

Ben has a couple moles on his back that scare the heck of me.  Every time he goes to get a check up I make him mention the creepy moles to the doctor and have them checked out.  The doctors don't worry, but I do.

Skin cancer just seems SO horrible to me!

So I stay away from the sun as much as I can.  And I am VERY white because of it.  I am so white, that even the lightest foundation is too dark.  So I put it on anyway and it gives me a bit of color, otherwise I might look like a ghost.  Even funnier is if I put on red lipstick.  It makes me look like a vampire.

Staying away from the sun does have it's benefits.  I look younger than my 31 years, so people tell me, and my skin has a healthy glow to it.

But I have paid a price.

I went to my yearly womanly exam last week and had to have a blood test because of my thyroid issues.  They also ran some other tests too and it turns out I have dangerously low levels of vitamin D.  Which explains a lot of the issues I have been dealing with lately... but seriously?!  So I had to get this super strength prescription vitamin D pills that I only take one a week for 3 months.  Then I have to go back in and get another test.

Apparently, hiding from the sun as much as I do has consequences.  My doctor told me I needed to get more sun.  So today, against all my beliefs, I put on my bathing suit and laid out in the sun for a few minutes on each side.  Ben hung around and teased me -- the turd.  Then to my utter horror he took off his shirt and laid next to me exposing the scary moles!  I wanted to jump and and grab the sunscreen for him, but he gave me the do-it-and-I-will-be-really-ticked look.  He had told me before that he wanted a nice tan to go with his newly acquired muscles.  Apparently, the farmer's tan takes away from the macho muscle look.  Our last tanning experience had been a nightmare and I thought he would be turned off from it, but no....

Luckily, I am so paranoid about moles and skin cancer, that I made him come in with me after our 6 minutes in the sun... But I have to say, I do feel a little lighter and less tired after getting some sun.  I think I will do it again tomorrow... for the vitamin D, NOT the tan. :)



Cat said...

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Carrie and Karl said...

I have been low on vitamin d for the last year. I take some daily and it's amazing how much more energy I have. Good luck with yours!