Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Support Your Soldier: Pass the PFT!!

The alarm clock goes off at 4 in the morning and you groan.  The husband rolls out of bed and whispers, "Sorry, today I have an early morning PT test..." You watch as he flips on the lamp and stumbles around for a few minutes looking for his running shoes and that blasted PT belt he hates and the kids can't stop playing with.

"Good luck, honey," you say as you give him a smile and thumbs-up from your warm place in bed.  You think: I am so glad it isn't me... I hope he remembers to flip that lamp back off... and PLEASE close the door softly so he doesn't wake the baby... and dang it, he better pass... Then you roll over and go back to sleep.

Many of us grunt and groan and get ticked when they don't pass the PT.  Cuts are being made, men and women that served with your husband are getting kicked out for not meeting the standard... and we pray and hope that it doesn't happen to us.

But sometimes I wonder:  How many of us could pass the PT (or APFT: Army Physical Fitness Test)?  I know I can't!  No way, man!  I am Ben's biggest fan and am more than willing to cheer him on from the sidelines.  He's the soldier, not me.  I don't HAVE to live up to that physical standard... and that makes me happy.

This week, I have been thinking though, how I could REALLY show my husband how much I love and support him.  As I was pondering on the Summer Fitness Challenge yesterday, and some goals I wanted to do for myself, the thought came to me: What if I trained to pass the PT?  Then it crossed my mind, that maybe Ben would think I was a dork... So I decided to ask him:

"Ben, what would you think if I trained to pass the APFT by the end of the summer?"  By the wide-eyed look he gave me, he was SO NOT expecting that!  There was a brief silence while Ben gathered his thoughts then he said, "That would be the BIGGEST turn on!"  I just rolled my eyes and chuckled.  Then he swooped me up in his arms and told me in great detail exactly how much that would be a turn on....

So I decided to make it a goal.  I will pass the APFT (or PT test) at the end of the summer!  I can do it!  It will be a big challenge since I am a bit out of shape, but I figured if I work really hard it's certainly possible.

Last night I ran, did push-ups and sit-ups to see where I was.  My proud hubby coached me some and told me some of the Army standards.  I got a little App for my NEW Kindle Fire (story for another time) that will show me what I need to do to pass it for my sex and age.  (You can get it here FREE if you are interested). Amazon also has FREE apps for the Navy, Marine, and Air Force ones too... (And the Army has a website calculator here as well) I guess all the tests and standards are a little different.  So I am able to keep track of my progress as I go along.

Then I thought, I wonder if there are other wives, mother's, sisters, or husbands, fathers and brothers or whatever you are to a soldier would like to join me!?  I think it's a fantastic way to show our support and even gain some understanding and appreciation ourselves for what our soldier's go through for us and our country.

I feel that the answers to the obesity epidemic begins with us.  You and I working together, being examples to our family and friends with our working hard to be healthy and strong.  WE have a chance, every day of our lives to make a difference, to be an example to others, and make choices that will change our lives and those of the people around us.  I may not be an "important" person, I am just little ol' Cat with a big heart and quaint blog -- but I want to stand for something... and sometimes, it only takes one person... or a few.  So this summer, I am going to get fit, pass the Army Physical Fitness Test to support my husband and set an example to my boys.  I am going to lose some weight, and most importantly, I will feel good about myself... those kind of feelings can never be bought!  So who's with me on this??

If you want to join in, email me @ nutsinanutshell(at)gmail(dot)com and I will put you on an unofficial list.  I won't have you report every week like my other challenge, but I think we could stay in touch and give support to one another.  I got a FB page up, too and we can chat and post updates and pictures there.... maybe, we can even get some sponsors on board.  I mean, has anyone heard of a group of "civilian's" getting together to pass a military PFT?

Hope to hear from you soon!!!


Note:  I am going to do my Summer Fitness Challenge announced yesterday, but I am adding sit-ups and push-ups as a bonus.

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