Thursday, May 31, 2012

Make Your Own Destiny!

One of my all times pet peeves, is when I run into people who are too afraid to live, to make their own choices, to take chances, and to forge their own futures.  People get so stuck in these traps and they don't have to courage to get out!

I strongly believe that we make our own futures, create our own destiny's by the choices we make in this life.  It drives me nuts to see people sitting around and complaining about their lives and then not doing something about it.  If you are unhappy, make some changes!

I love change.  I embrace change. Why?  Because that is how we grow.  How we progress.  How we LIVE.  Without it, life would be so boring!  I LOVE a great adventure!  Having the courage to make changes, makes stuff happen!  I don't know why some people are so afraid to live.

One of those things that people have a hard time changing is their bad habits.  I KNOW this is a hard thing to do.  But we all come to a point that we realize that we are prisoners to our bad habits and the only way to break free is to buck up, sometimes get help, and work hard to get out of those self-made prisons.

There was a time I was a prisoner in my own body.
I was just short of 300 lbs in this picture
And I hated myself because of it.  I had no energy. I wasn't comfortable in my clothes or even my own skin. I would look in the mirror and not recognize myself.  I felt that I was a different person inside than I was on the outside... and I wanted people to see that.  I had gone through people being rude to me, especially people in clothing stores and waiters in restaurants.  I was embarrassed of how I looked and I didn't know how to escape this prison that I had put myself in by the choices that I made.

I would exercise.  But exercise without proper eating is like fishing without proper bait... it just doesn't work.  And it took me years to figure out what worked for me and my body.

Three years ago, my husband left for basic training and I hosted my first Summer Challenge.  I worked really hard to eat right, exercise all my miles and by the end of the summer challenge, I looked like this:
I was around 240-250 in this picture
I had lost a little over 30 pounds doing the summer mile challenge.  Then most of you know the rest.  By that Christmas, when my husband came home and saw me for the first time I had lost around 80 pounds, and then by the following March I was down to 190 and wearing a size 9... never EVER been there before!  (I did gain some back from this last pregnancy, but I am working hard to get it off again. (See full story here).
Here I was at 215 when Ben came back for Christmas
Obesity is spreading like crazy, and despite all the stuff the government is trying to do, I think they are actually quite making things worse.  I have so many friends that are trapped just like I was, and my heart aches for them... many have just given up hope, like I almost did.  But it doesn't have to be like this!  We can be strong, we can stand up and take charge of our lives.  We only have one life to live... do you really want to live it being less than your potential?  Not me!  I choose to live every day like I can make a difference in myself and others.  I want to be physically fit.  I don't have unreachable goals.  I don't care to be a supermodel.  I want to be able to run with my husband.  I want to do a marathon someday soon.  I want to not be tired all the time.  I want to live a good, healthy life.  And the only one who can ever stop me from doing that is myself.  And I refuse to let that happen -- so should you.

Since I posted my Summer Challenge a few weeks ago, I have gotten thousands of hits on it!  BUT less than 40 people have stepped up and accepted my challenge.  That is a bit disappointing.  Look, we all have a choice this summer: we can either not do anything and we worse off at the end of the summer, we can do a little but not enough to change much and be the same at the end, OR we can be a heck of a lot fitter and feeling better about ourselves.  I don't know about you, but I choose to be better.  It's not going to be easy.  I am going to be alone with my three boys, so getting out might be a little tough... but I know I will figure something out.  There are no excuses for me.

So make a choice.  It's up to you.  Have no regrets! Make your own destiny!  Come join us on this challenge, and let's kick some butt!


If you are wondering how I am doing on my journey so far:

Weight after I had baby: 254
Weight before I started running about 4 weeks ago: 231
Weight last check in: 220
Weight this morning: 216

That's 4 more pounds down!  And only 10 to go to pass Ben's weight.  It's a woman pride thing to weigh less than the hubby and that doesn't happen to me often... but boy did it feel good last time it happened!!!

The challenge starts tomorrow, and so I will kick it off with the return of "Fat Butt Friday" so come back and check it out!!

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Jessica Lee said...

I'm so excited to start!!! However, I am going back home June 8-11 for a wedding and we all know what that means for food and diet...LOL But that Monday I get back IT IS ON!!! haha Can't wait to see our results at the end of summer! YAY