Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sick... AGAIN!

I am tired of getting every bug passed around.

I am living proof that it doesn't matter how many times you wash your hands, use hand-sanitizer, and wipe off your shopping cart with a Clorox wipe, sickness still happens.

The last few weekends we have been out of town.  In those two weekends we spent a total of around 24 hours traveling in the mini van with grumpy kids.  

Today I woke up with the achy body and tightness in my chest... oh, great, here it comes!

So I hope you will excuse me for cutting this post short.  I may be missing for a few days... but now you know why!


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Anika and Sean said...

Dude I feel your pain. I hate being sick. And we both know Mommies don't get sick days. We've had the most random sicknesses passed around in our household for the last two months. We're finally better now, but it stinks being sick. Hope you feel better soon and that it sticks for awhile. :)