Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Running Again After Pneumonia

Ha!  I bet you thought I wasn't doing much working out anymore, since I haven't been posting updates.  Truth is, I have been working out.  Although, I have to admit that getting my lungs in shape since my few bouts of pneumonia has been super tough!

I know that my lungs are scarred from the first time last year.  Then got re-damaged this last time a couple months ago.  Then when I tried to start working out a little harder again, I almost got it again.  But I remembered some advice I got from a doctor once (and then from a comment on this blog from a nurse), that taking deep breaths help.  Well, when I had full blown pneumonia that was a joke to me, I couldn't force myself to breath deep no matter how hard I tried.  But NOW when I feel the pressure in my chest start to build up, I have been taking deep breaths, holding them for a second and then exhaling.  I can not believe how much it is helping my lungs finally heal so I can work out a little more intensely.

It is frustrating when your legs are telling you to RUN RUN RUN while your lungs are screaming in pain for you to STOP STOP STOP.  Yesterday was my first time to try to run since a couple of months ago when I tried and it made me really sick again.  This time I warmed up taking some deep breaths, put the baby in the jogging stroller, and off we went.  I wanted to at least run a mile.

My legs were doing fine, but my lungs burned a little... when they really started screaming I would slow down and take it a little easy until the pain subsided and then I pushed a little more.  I have to admit I was both pleased and saddened a little at my 1 min time: 15 min and 7 sec.  Before I got sick, I was running a mile in 10 minutes... I know for some of you that may be slow, but for my short legs I was booking it!

After the run, I was coughing like mad.  I just took some deep breaths and did some breathing exercises -- it helped... a lot.

Today, I went for round two.

You know, to back for day 2 can be really hard!  And I wasn't totally motivated to try it again.  But I REALLY want to be a runner!  So I put little guy in the stroller and off we went.  This time, was a little better.  I felt myself going a little faster.  I managed to shave off a whole minute on my time!  This time I was 14:06... still moseying, but doing better.  I figure at this pace, I might be back at my 10 minute mile in a month or so if I work really hard!  When I get there, I will start working on my two mile and so on.

I think I have to give most of the credit to Katy Perry though.  Before I went out today I put "Part of Me" on my MP3 player and it motivated me to push a little harder with it's great beat. (Gets my award for best working out song!)

Since it is the season to get out and get moving, I will be posting more about my adventures to get back in shape after 3 babies, and get myself into "running" condition.  I don't have to be skinny, I just want to feel fit and confident again!  And feeling beautiful and sexy is a bonus too!!


PS: Head's up!  Many of you have been asking me if I am going to do my mile challenge again this summer -- and the answer is YES!  It will start June 1st and I will be making the official announcement sometime in the following weeks.  I will also be taking on sponsor's again, if anyone wants to donate a prize for one of the winners.... :)  So stay tuned for more details!

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