Thursday, April 5, 2012

No Internet and Plenty of Blond Moments

What a crazy week I had!  I can't believe that just over a week ago we were still settled pretty cozy in the Nutshell, kicked back ready for the okay to move into the new place.  Last Monday we got the call that we could move in the next day.  I was thrilled.  The boys were thrilled.  And Ben was mostly thrilled... with the fact that he was so busy with the Army and school that I would have to do most of it.  And most of it I did.

After we signed the lease on Tuesday morning, Ben took off for school, and me the boys hunkered down for a long day.  A friend of mine that lives in our new area took the boys for a couple hours while I unloaded the van and got a few things squared away.  Between taking the boys to school, letting the baby have his nap time and running all the other errands I had to run, I kept pretty darn busy.

After the kids got home from school we went to the apartment to load up the van.  The baby was squirrely (not a really word, but I like it anyway!), so I ended up putting him in a baby backpack and hauling him around with me as I loaded the car.  I bet I looked like a real weirdo -- but I was feeling like super woman... until I pulled my groin muscle carrying a dresser out on my own.  Then as I hobbled around with the baby hanging of my back, I looked more pathetic than anything.

For 5 days I kept up this craziness.  On day 5, I could barely walk, and sucking it up wasn't working anymore. I thought I was about to pass out and die of groin muscle pain when the heavens shined down on me and I remembered I had a pain pill left from when I had little guy... I thought it was still pretty good and 15 min later when it kicked in, I was feeling spunky!  I was able to get the last two loads of stuff and finish off the cleaning on that blessed pain pill.

By the time I locked the doors to the Nutshell the last time, I was tired and glad to be gone.  I didn't even care that I knew we would be charged for the stains on the carpet in the boys room.  I was a little sad though to say goodbye to that chapter of our lives.  We have lived in the Nutshell for 4 years -- the longest we have ever lived in one place in our marriage.  A lot of living happened in that place and it was a bitter-sweet goodbye.

But I am ALWAYS up for a new adventure!

Except not having internet for almost 2 weeks... that sucked.  The internet guys kept telling us to do the same thing over and over and nothing was happening.  Then they would tell us they would send guys out to check it out here... and they never came.  The other day Ben had them on the phone for the millionth time and unbeknownst to me had them on speaker phone.  I came into the room and asked Ben how it was going.  He told me that it wasn't yet and they were checking things out.  Then I said, "So have they sent out their imaginary engineers yet?" I said bitterly with disgust.  There was this little snort from the phone and Ben gave me the "They just heard you say that because I am on speaker phone!!"  hand signals.  Oops.  I felt bad about saying it like I felt bad about making money.  But it worked, the guy came out today and fixed the issue... I hope they give us a free month or something for being such turds.

Then yesterday, I was feeling like a superhero as I got the living room all put away and the wii hooked up... doesn't sound like much, but it took me 4 hours to do it!  I got the car loaded up with stuff to take to the storage unit and had the kids all buckled in.  As I sat in the car and was giving myself mental back pats for all that I achieved that morning, I pulled out of the garage only to heard this cracking sound and the garage door slamming down on the top of the mini van.

"What the heck!?"  My first thought was to blame whatever happened on the kids... only because it usually is their fault....

But when I got out of the van to see what happened, I noticed that the emergency handle of the garage door had gotten stuck in the truck door when I had closed it.  When I drove off it pulled the handle off and forced the garage door to close on the top of the van.  Crap.  I KNEW that I had broken something expensive!!  Just when I was having such a good morning too!!  I started to cry.

Then I went straight over to the office and got the maintenance guy to come over and help fix it.  Turns out I didn't really break anything that couldn't easily be fixed... YAY!  But it didn't stop me from feeling like a total blond anyway.

My next project is getting all the shelves up.  Ben has this monster hammer drill, and I swear I might hurt myself by trying to use it.  So I popped on over to Walmart and got myself a cheap little drill that I could just use to put up pictures and shelves.  Works great... so great that Ben tried to take it over and claim it as his own.  I don't think so, buddy!  Hands off my tools!  (Although, I did let him use it under supervision...)

Meanwhile, I am pretty sure my neighbors think I am a single mom.  Ben has been leaving early and getting home after dark.  Then he is going to be gone every weekend until the middle of May, then home for 2 weeks and then gone for training for 3 months.  But that's okay, just means I can hang my purse and bra on the doorknobs and he won't be home to nag me about it.... SCORE!

It's great to be back on line.



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Terra said...

You are a superhero Cat! I can so relate to the craziness of moving. My husband is on the road all the time, so I get being the "single mom". Good for you for keeping it all together (even when it fell apart!). I've had one of those crazy, never-ending days today. Thanks for this post, it made me smile. said...

I have recently added your blog to my blog page for my listeners to enjoy. Would you be willing to add my website to you blog as well or even make a short post about our station? Thanks for your time and consideration.

Ruth said...


Clara Brooks said...

It must have been a relief for you to get the internet up and running again. At last, those repair guys made true to their promises. I wonder what took them so long to respond effectively. The lack of internet only got more frustrating when your service provider kept giving you false promises. Anyway, have fun with your net access!

Clara Brooks @ Telco World