Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Internet Woes

You might have noticed Catherine hasn't written a post in quite some time. This is due to connectivity issues we are having at our new apartment.
We have been guaranteed several times by our internet provider that the issue will be solved within 24 hours. It hasn't. Needless to say, Catherine won't be writing a post until the issue is resolved.
Sorry for any inconveniences.


kirsten bischoff said...

Tell her to take deep breaths! After all - at least her skin looks great now! :)

Morhia said...

I just went through this with ours. I went to work and called the kids it worked and then later called again and it was busy- ALL DAY. I thought what could they be doing this long on the phone. When I got off work the phone was not working the whole time and the internet was down. It was too late to do anything about it. It took a couple of days but it is on again. I feel for you. I hope your phone is working through this time. When our phone goes so does our internet, Urgh!