Saturday, April 21, 2012

In Which Sam Makes his First Phone Call

All year, Sam has been terribly jealous of the fact that Nephi has a little girlfriend and he doesn't.  He had been checking out the possibility of having a girlfriend at school.  But he told me that the girls in his class are unacceptable because they talk too much.

A couple weekends ago, we went down south to attend Ben's sister's wedding.  My husband's brother and his family had just gotten home from Korea.  Sam and their oldest daughter, who is only 3 months older and a foot taller than he is, clicked right off.  They spent the evening running around holding hands and chatting about important things like Wii games.  I think my brother-in-law even got a few pictures.

Well, Sammy has been missing his cousin and today he decided that he wanted to call her on the phone.  So I practiced with him on how to do it.  Mainly things like what to say when someone answers the phone and how to ask for his cousin.  Then I dialed the phone and handed it to him:

Sam:  Hi, this is Sam.  Can I talk to Iona? (Not her real name, but Sam can't pronounce it well).  (I then heard a male voice on the other end, probably her dad or one of the other brothers of the family, Ben has 3). Hi, Iona!!  It's me Sam!  I really want you to come home with me to my house so you can play with me and we can play the pirate game on the wii and I really REALLY want you to come to my home because I really miss you.  (pause to breathe) So what are you doing? I am talking to you on the phone and playing a wii game and my mom is going potty and it smells and Nephi is....

Me:  SAM!!!  Don't tell her that!  Some things are personal!! (I yelled from the bathroom totally embarrassed!)

Sam: Oops, sorry mommy!  Mommy doesn't want you to know that she going potty because she is em..bear...assid!  (I gave up...)  So are you going to come to my house and.... Hello?  HELLO!?  Where are you?!  Mommy, she isn't on the phone any more!!!

Guess she had better things to do than to listen to Sam ramble about nothing... good girl.  Either that or Sam disconnected the line himself with his cheek.  Doesn't matter to me, I am just happy that the phone call milestone is over and done with.  Hopefully, my honor is still intact with that side of the family.

Got to love kids!