Thursday, April 12, 2012

Discovering the Color Wheel and It's Secret Powers

One of the goals I have, that I failed to mention the other day on my post, is that I want to learn how to do better eye makeup.  And since interior design and makeup both have to do with color coordination I have been learning about the color wheel.
I found this chart on a great makeup site called:
for the full article click here

I got turned on to the color wheel a couple weeks ago.  I was teaching my crochet class and there was a makeup class coming in right after.  When I heard they were talking about "Colors" I thought I was hang around and check it out.  I have never been good with color coordination.  EVER.  Sometimes I blame my dad on it since he is color blind and used to dress me when my mom was working.  He taught me to be practical and comfortable over style.  Which made sense to me.  Only problem is, I still think that way.  When I was in art class I could never advance past pencil and charcoal because colors scared me.

But I am bucking up and determined to get this whole color thing down.

In the makeup class they introduced us to the color wheel.  I knew about it from physics, but I never thought about using it for makeup -- or decorating my house.  The makeup people taught us all about how the colors work and what goes with what.  If you want to to know more about it, you should check out the article linked to the chart above.  Since I had always played it safe and used brown eye shadows, I thought that I would take a chance and try out some "Complimentary" combinations. What I mean by that, if you don't know, is if I am, for example, wearing a red shirt, I would used the color eye shadows of the color that is directly across the wheel from red... which would be green.

So I zipped over to the dollar store and bought some cheapy eye shadows to try out.  No way I was going to fork out money for a bunch of colors I might not like.  I thought it would be interesting to see how all this science worked.

The first day I wore a lime green shirt.  I was a little weirded out as I coated my eyes with different shades of "crimson" or in my case it was the mauve'ish purplely pinks.  It just felt soooooo wrong.  Then I went to the corner gas station to get my daily Diet Pepsi fix (yes, I have relapsed.... bad me).  The ladies there were falling all over themselves telling me how fabulous I looked in lime green.  Are you kidding me? Seriously? I always figured myself for a "cool" color person, light pinks or blues.  Then I realized, it's probably the eye shadow!  These unsuspecting peeps don't even realize I am wearing purplely-pink on my eyes! Score!  Not to mention the fact that my husband was falling all over himself about that lime green shirt and how I should wear it all the time.  Well, it was new... so I couldn't be for sure with him.  Better test him on a shirt I know he doesn't really like.

Day 2, I wore a loose purple shirt that I know Ben doesn't like much.  And once again I pulled out my little chart.  The purple color was kind of between the "crimsons" and the "violets" so I decided to do some yellows and lime greens this time on my eyes.  It was almost a physical struggle to put yellow and green on my eyes... kind of felt like I was going against my religion or something.

Once again, I popped over to the corner gas station only to have the ladies go off on how fabulous I look in purple!  All because of my eye shadow... I know it!  I have NEVER gotten a compliment in that shirt before... I usually only wear it when I am feeling fat because it hides my tummy.  But the big test awaited for when Ben came home.  He came in and looked at me for a second, then said, "I don't know what it is because I normally don't like that shirt, but you look really good today.  Are you losing weight?"  I score again!

I continued to do this over the past week and kept getting compliments about my looks.  It felt really nice to be noticed and I owe it all to the color wheel and it's truly secret powers.  I can't wait to start applying it's magic to our new home....



Nina said...

I think I will pull out the color wheel too and try to figure out the secret world of colors .... I love photography, and have some sorta sense of what looks good but when it comes to myself.
Oh boy, I wear whatever is comfortable, despite the colors.

Bridget said...

Very cool! I keep meaning to tell you that I loved your tip about the oil cleansing. I have been doing it for a couple of weeks and it has worked by far better than anything else I've ever tried. My skin will probably never been clear, clear, but this has eliminated the really painful deep acne that I have always gotten and everything else looks much better. Thanks for sharing!

Ang @ FitMamaWannabe and Paparazzi Accessories said...

Very cool! I'm gonna have to give it a try. It scares me to do anything other than browns or dark plums that almost look like brown. :) We'll see.